A Husband For Hannah by Cia Leah


Apr 16, 2013
Cia Leah
Author’s Page

Wow, I forgot how short this story was, it only took me 2 hours and 11 minutes to read according to my favorite reading app.

Remember writing the original review thinking I wish I had more time to say what I liked and didn’t like about this story but getting a second chance at a review is never a bad thing. Besides, A Husband For Hannah deserves a better review than the one I originally wrote, so lets get started.

Hannah’s uncles, Fester (the name makes me think of the Adams Family) and Grady, have a plan to ensure the beloved niece’s future happiness. Their plan involves a mail order husband while avoiding the wrath of said beloved niece. I have decided that it would be the coolest thing in the world to have a couple of Uncles like Fester and Grady, life would never be boring. Then there is Joey, I am positive the little guy was the driving force behind his father winning Hannah’s heart.

I think my only real complaint would be that the evil bad guy, Bart Cannon, had been shot the first time he showed his old ass at Hannah’s. There were a few edits but they were so minor that they didn’t create any speed bumps in the reading of this story.

Original Review
I wrote this review in February 2014

I was almost finished with this one when my Granddaughter arrived and needed me to read her a story so I thought I would finish it before going to bed.

I really enjoyed this short story it was well written. I really love old western type stories with the old-fashioned values like Honor and Pride.

Book Cover Rating
I like the cover, it looks romantic.

Book’s Blurb
Historical western romance short story.

Hannah Demsey never thought she would ever marry. Born without her little fingers on both hands, she thought no man would ever want her. When her Pa died, she almost gave up any hope of a normal life. He always went to town with her and to church, but when he died, she avoided the town and the people who talked about her.

When her uncles told her about sending for a mail order husband for her, she was furious with their shennanigans. Determined to send Justin Handley away when he arrived, she was unprepared to find her heart going out to his crippled son, Joey, and to find herself drawn to a man who didn’t let her imperfections bother him.

Justin Handley had searched for a woman to become his wife and a mother to his son, Joey. When he answered Hannah’s uncle’s letters and met Hannah, he found his heart smitten with her beauty and grace. Her kindness to his son and her loving ways soon embedded her in his heart. If only he could convince her they could both have the family they always wanted along with a love that would last a lifetime.

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