Ruby’s Two Sexy Hunks (Love in Stone Valley #2) by Sam Crescent


September 24, 2014
Siren Publishing
Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M
Word Count
Author’s Page

Ruby’s Two Sexy Hunks is book two in the Love In Stone Valley series and it you skip this story you may miss out on something in book three because even though the focus is on Ruby, Chris and Troy the are other stories taking place. The thing is that in the first book in the series you didn’t see much of this style of writing but you can see where Sam Crescent changes gears and spreads out to include the lives of other community members. I really liked how it was coming together and felt it was an improvement that gave a caliber of writing almost equal to that of Laurann Dohner.

Ruby’s life is clearly not boring and I really enjoyed her story, although I would have told her to send her boyfriend steeling self to stay with the parental units after what she did. But then Ruby has a big forgiving heart and clearly didn’t love the guy in question or he would have been toasted and run out of town 😉. As for Chris and Troy, I thought the best part was when they met one of Ruby’s dads and got the third degree BEFORE they even expressed and interest. Poor Ruby.

I have read a lot of Sam Crescent books and for the most part I love them all, I could probably finish reading them in a day if it weren’t for the bloody speed bumps (edits) that keep popping up in her books. The worst of the edits was when the scene involved Donald (Tessie’s dad) who then morphed into Charles (one of Ruby’s dads) vice-versa and then Jon some how became Don both moments creating a brief flare of confusion. The other edits were mostly wrong words and I am really surprised that Sam Crescent’s Beta Readers missed them because they were blatantly obvious, which makes me wonder if her Beta Readers and editors are doing their due diligence or are trying to submarine her. In either way she needs a new crew of readers to proof read her work before it gets published.

Book Cover
I am not sure that the cover fits the story, well actually I am not sure that the female model fits based on the description of Ruby I am just sore. Ruby is describes as having red hair, green eyes, large breast and a tiny waist culminating in an hour glass figure. After getting to concurring opinions I finally decided what I give the cover as far as a rating goes.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb needs minor editing but other than that a decent blurb.

Book’s Blurb
Ruby thought she was a one man woman until two sexy hunks walk into her life. The attraction between the three is scorching. She cannot stay away from them and she doesn’t want to.

Chris and Troy never expected to fall in love but they know Ruby is the woman for them. They left their past behind in the hope to find happiness and they believe they’ve finally found it. However, someone is out to hurt their woman. When Ruby’s life is put in jeopardy, they have no choice but to take over to keep their woman alive.

The past always finds a way of catching up. Someone Chris and Troy left behind is determined to stop them finding love. Can they save Ruby in time, or will it be too late?

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