2019 In Review

It is time for my end of the year wrap up and since GoodReads and Nintendo were kind enough to wrap up 2019 for me, I thought I would share both with you.
I bet you are all surprised that I even own a gaming system but I do, actually I own a Switch and a 3DS. I used to play a lot of Nintendo as a teenager but kind of out grew it, only playing when my son invited me to play. Then Shanny was killed and I started struggling with a lot of different things so my son handed me his 3DS with a game called Fire Emblem Awakening and I got hooked and it helped me deal with large groups of people playing those games while talking to people. Now I have my own 3DS and a Switch both of which go with me everywhere. When we come up on anything while driving somewhere, they take my focus off the road so I can get through it and in large groups I can be involved but not. Weird right?
Ok enough of that, back to my year in books and video games.
My Year In Books According To GoodReads
My reading goal this year was 20 books but I fell short of that goal by 4 books
I read 16 books equaling 2,226 pages😊 at least I got to read something.
The shortest book I read was Impossible by Allyson Young which also happened to be the least popular book this year with only 16 readers in total.
The longest book I read was Black Hills Angel at 395 pages and probably the most boring book I read all year.
The most popular book I read on Good Reads this year was Cowboy Heat by Sable Hunter with 8,054 readers, I can see why as it is one of my favorite reads (I think I have read 4 or 5 times). It truly is an amazing story.
My average review rating was 3.4 stars
The highest rated book on GoodReads that I read this year was RNWMP: Bride for Joel by Amelia C. Adams
My first review of the year was on Stephanie’s Homecoming by Debbie Bailey, I gave it 4 stars
My last book of the year that received only 1 star was Stony Creek Cowboy by Taylor Berke.
I read one book by my all time favorite author that I am sure I will read again, that book was The Gorison Traveler Incident (Veslor Mates #1) by Laurann Dohner.
Even though I did not reach my reading goal I still had a pretty good year in books and am looking forward to more books in 2020.
My Year In Nintendo according to Nintendo
According to Nintendo I am a Nintendo loyalist based on how I play…. Very cool.
The games I played the most, out of the 6 I actually played, in order were Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Fire Emblem Warriors and Spyro.
I logged 449 hours of playing time most of that taking place in August and September.
I earned 486 gold points that now have to figure what to do with because I am sure I can not transfer them to my son
In addition to reading and video games I logged an hour or two of crocheting and many, many hours at the dreaded day job and or sleeping. I also logged 2 weeks recovering from 2 surgeries at once (yes, I requested to have them both done at once and yes, I am a little crazy).
 I was constantly behind in posting book tours and writing reviews, so I spent many weekends playing catch up.
Over all I have to say I didn’t get everything I wanted done, done but I gave it my best efforts.
In 2020 I will work hard to reach my reading goal and keep up with posting book tours and I would really love to do virtual interviews some authors. I would also like to finish the blanket I started to crochet and finish the diamond painting project I started 2 years ago. I also thinking it would be cool to beat my gaming records from this year, so wish me luck as I wish you luck for your goals.
Happy Reading

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