Darla’s Three Troublemakers (Love in Stone Valley #3) by Sam Crescent


October 15, 2014
Siren Publishing
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Darla’s story actually started in Ruby’s Two Sexy Hunks where is was revealed that Luke was the one who got her pregnant then left with no memory of even having sex with her. Darla’s Three Troublemakers starts out with a prologue of how she became pregnant and chapter one starts with her moving in with Luke, Jon and Ryan. From there things go from bad worse as they work on their relationship while adjusting to the discovery that baby number 2 is on the way.

I do have a couple of questions like during the move how is Jon grabbing kitchen equipment and settling with the land lord while Ryan lugs suitcases? Just curious about how someone can be in two places at once. The next question is who is Darla eager to have sex for, her friend Tate or herself? I mean people really should have sex because feelings are involved not so their friends have something to talk about. Don’t get me wrong the sex scene was steaming hot and only had one flaw and that was just some brief confusion about who was doing what to who, which sometimes happens when there are multiple partners to keep track of.

Unlike a lot of authors who seem to forget about their bad guy or give them a token moment during the story then not mention them until the end, Sam Crescent includes what her bad guy, Derek, pop in out of the story so we see him plotting and planning. We know it’s coming even if we don’t exactly know the where and when, making for a truly suspenseful story.

My rating for Darla’s Three Troublemakers is a going to be 4 stars because there were a few edits and those are a pet peeve of mine when reading, but I think that the editors of the story should share some of the blame in not catching those edits as well, especially knowing how well Sam Crescent can create a great story and I for some reason I can’t not buy her books.

Book Cover Rating
Okay so here is the thing, yes, the cover basically matches the story however I feel like there is something off about the model portraying Darla.

Book Blurb Rating
I like the blurb, it along with the teaser sold me on Darla’s Three Troublemakers.

Book’s Blurb
Darla has always had a crush on the Willis brothers. Luke, Jon, and Ryan are all brothers who share one thing, they are all in love with Darla. They will do everything in their power to protect her. However, one drunken night spent with Luke leaves consequences. Pregnant and alone, Darla kept the identity of the father to herself.

With the truth out, the Willis brothers set out a plan to woo their woman. They’ve always wanted to share her and now is their chance to have the woman they’ve always craved. Can Darla accept three men in her life?

Someone from their past is threatening their future. Whoever it is, is determined to hurt Darla and their knew found happiness. Can the three brothers save the woman they love before it’s too late?

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