I was sorting through the collection of Grandma Ida’s writings, sorting out duplicates and scanning them to share with my brothers and noticed that she did a lot of writing in 1975. This all of Grandma Ida’s Grandbabies. I know her life wasn’t easy with Gus and I wonder if that is why she wrote the way she did. I know that while we were in Idaho, my Mom had stepped between Grandma and Gus a couple of times to protect my Grandma. We finally got our own place in Boise and things seemed to get better between Grandma and Gus but then again Grandma was very good at covering up the abuse.


There are no words on earth to express the joy that I felt when the Doctor said, “Grandma it’s a girl.”

She was so chubby and sweet, and had so much hair, at the top of her head the nurse made a curl.

My little Lauri, she was the first, and tho I love them all just as deeply, she’s kinda special to me.

It is just as a mother with her first child, as a new world is suddenly opened before you to see.

This was a child from my only child, bringing us closer and making the bonds of our love deeper grow.

The pleasures of becoming for the first time a grandmother, are such that only a first grandma can know.

My joys didn’t lessen, when my oldest step-daughter Aunna, gave birth to our beautiful little granddaughter Racquel.

She was so tiny, like holding a fragile doll, and the love I felt, I can’t find the words to tell.

Again I was grandma, and this wonderful new knowledge, filled me with a deep love and pride in my heart.

For our wonderful Aunna, had given birth to our grandson Bobbie, and a boy is so special, you hold him apart.

Soon my Terri had Michael, another grandson to love and to cherish, and so grew our special treasures to hold.

My step-daughter Christina, gave us little Sarah so sweet, a more beautiful baby, I know, has never been born.

Perhaps I am prejudice, but that is a grandmother’s right, we are given special privilege to blow our own horn.

Last, so far, but not least, is my loveable grandson Chris, the youngest, in my daughter Terri’s family and home.

In distance, we may be apart, but this will never change the love in my heart, wherever they may roam.

Most people don’t get the extra special priviledge we have, that is a daughter, who, has adopted us as her own.

Our Linda has three boys, to whom we are grandparents too, so we need never feel we are unloved or alone.

A family is a Heaven sent gift for us to love and cherish, and forever hold close in our life.

May God guide them, as they each go their seperate ways, and protect them in this world full of strife.

By: Ida Apodaca

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