1975 seems to be a busy writing year for my Grandmother. I am under the assumption that this particular piece was based on a trip the she made. I know my Mom also read my blog from time to time so maybe she will elaborate, if not, then assumption will have to do.


If you’ve ever been far North in Alaska on the cold and long wintery nights,

Then, perhaps, you’ve been able to see, one of Nature’s most Wonderous sights.

It is called Aurora Borealis, better known to most people, as the Northern Lights

Alone, I have stood there and watched them on their colorful and magical flights,

I could feel but awe at their beauty, as they shimmered across the sky,

It was, almost, as if I could touch them, even tho, they were so high.

A luminous meteoric phenomenon, a wonderous manifestation of art.

Of all of Nature’s Beauties I’ve seen, this one, I hold quite apart.

Sometimes they would ascend up toward Heaven in a flight to Zenith or beyond,

Other times they would arc from Horizon to Horizon like a rainbow to abscond,

Momentarily they would flicker and disappear and I was afraid they’d be gone,

Suddenly they’d appear more beautiful than ever and their resplendent dance would go on.

I could have stood there and watched them forever had it not been for the cold,

If you haven’t already seen them, don’t miss them, such a sight you’ll never again behold.

Ida L. Apodaca

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