Each of us has a solitary road we must travel, we know it as our Path of Life.

The closest personal and most cherished relations we can have is our children, our husband or wife.

We may meet many people along the way, receive good and bad advice and hopefully make good friends.

One thing for sure the road can’t be traveled twice and there’s no turning back when it ends.

Many times our steps may falter as we have to make decisions each time the road may branch,

We must be proud and yet humble, even when the road is the darkest, we still have a chance.

We may even stumble and fall by the wayside or have to take time out just to rest,

Just continue the journey, tho the hill seems too high, the sun may be shining just over the crest.

Don’t become disheartened or weaken when your load becomes too heavy and fall into deep dark despair,

Remember the Spiritual Power is ready to give you a hand, open your heart and follow Him and He will be there.

We know that it is written, if we believe in Him, at the end of our Path is The Promise Land.

Never be afraid to talk to Him and ask for help on your way, He will hear and understand.

Don’t expect tho you love Him and you pray for his help that your road will be only the best,

For the many hardships of our journey we must endure and still show our Faith is His test.

He gave his Life for us and no one could possibly have suffered more than has our Precious Lord.

If we just remain faithful as we walk down our Path we are sure to receive our Reward.

Ida L. Apodaca

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