Summer’s Alpha by K. S. Martin


December 26, 2013
Author’s Page

Summer’s Alpha Dad traded her sister for an alliance, to an asshole Alpha that beats her. Now her dad has the same plans for Summer. Summer, an Alpha in her own right has other plans for herself and the do not include being her father’s bargaining chip. Summer plans to run and live her life on her terms, even if it is without Jackson, the man of her dream, because her dad has told her he plans on her youngers sister to mate with him. I think that before Summer hit’s the road she needs to give him hell for being a craptastic dad since his mate died but then again that would change the whole story, maybe. Doesn’t matter either way because she does eventually give him hell, girls hated being dictated.

There are a couple of boring points in the story but nothing that lasts longer than a chapter if that and I really like Summer and her younger sister but I am not a huge fan of the older sister. Jackson is okay but not super smart if he didn’t catch on to Summer’s plan when she was telling him about her father’s plans for them, especially given that they were best friends since they were very young.

I am really not a big fan of first-person story lines usually but then again, I guess it depends on the book and the author. I must really like Summer’s Alpha because I have read it enough times (6 or 7 times) and I did give the story a 4-star rating which I should maybe reconsider with the number of times I have read Summer’s Alpha. It helps that there really are not a lot of editing issue to bring the rating down or impact the story line.

Original Review
March 25, 2014
Original Rating  ☆☆☆☆

Normally try to avoid books that have a first-person point of view but I am glad I read this one. I think it was awesome that Summer fought for herself and earned her father’s respect and that he saw the error of his ways.

Heat Rating
For those of you who like a little porn with your story line you will be happy to know there is a spanking somewhere in the storyline of Summer’s Alpha. Overall though, there weren’t any ‘where the hell is a cold shower so I can finish this book’ hot moments but I would say the sex scenes were respectably worth reading.

Book’s Blurb
Summer has wanted one thing her whole life and that’s Jackson but he doesn’t feel the same. Her father the alpha has decided that Jackson will mate with Summer’s sister Autumn but a worse match was never made as far as Summer is concerned. He has also decided that Summer will make for good bait to draw in another pack as an alliance. She cannot stay and watch her sister and Jackson mate and she refuses to give up her happiness for the good of the pack. Summer sets out on her own to find her own life and a mate for herself. She stumbles into a new territory and a new pack that needs an alpha. Jackson is alpha, but should she call him and give up her location and possibly her freedom? Can she live with him so close but oh so far again? If only he felt the same way about her.

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