Reclaiming His Discarded Mate by Emma Anderson


April 17, 2014
Siren Publishing
Word Count

Ellie’s mate has found her and she is willing to get to know him even though her past experience in her father’s pack has left her distrusting wolf shifters except her brother and Aiden. Even though Gabe asks her who hurt her she won’t tell him who her fathers is because she doesn’t want her brother hurt in the process. Just as Ellie starts trusting in the faith she has put in Gabe and their relationship the truth comes calling and he turns his back on her. Now Ellie has to face a new adventure without her mate. I say anymore and I may spoil the whole damn book for the next reader.

I just finished Reclaiming His Discarded Mate only to turn around read it again the next day, it’s crazy because really, it’s not riveting or anything but the darn books just calls to me or something, ugh. Oh, well, the book really is a decent read, it could use a once over to correct a few edits to smooth out the flow a little more.

Heat Rating
There are some sex scenes in the story but they are super graphic, the first one was more of a wham bam thank you mam moment because Gabe gets called a way and the others are much later in the story so I wont go into detail except to say the steam factory was mild.

Book Cover Rating
The cover might be steamier then the book itself given what the cover implies with practically naked models but you may have an alternate opinion after reading the book.

Book’s Blurb Rating
The blurb could use some editing to smooth it out but it was my main reason for giving this book a chance.

Book’s Blurb
Abused by her wolf shifter father because she was unable to shift, Ellie Chambers moved away at the age of eighteen. For seven years, she lived as a human. Now, she finds herself thrown back into the shifter world when she meets her mate. As soon as Gabe Black meets Ellie, his bachelorhood is doomed. But she’s hiding something. On the day of their mating, Gabe discovers her secret, leaving him feeling betrayed. Her refusal to defend her secrecy pushes Gabe to tell her to pack her bags. He soon realises he overreacted, but it’s too late. His mate has disappeared. While dealing with her mate’s rejection Ellie transforms for the first time. But she’s no ordinary wolf. Trying to come to terms with her newfound responsibility, as well as her heartbreak, Ellie remains unaware that Gabe’s searching for her, desperate to apologise. When he finds her, can she find it in herself to forgive him?

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