Reading APPs Are Not Worth The Time

While surfing through Facebook I have noticed these stories and I have checked them out but you get to the end of the teaser and to finish the book you need a reading APP like Dreame or iReader. So, I checked them out, why not? I have nothing better to do with my free time. I get into a few chapters and I have to “recharge” in other words purchase the app’s coins to continue the story and support the author of the story.

I get supporting the author, it’s why I write reviews and purchase books (especially from my favorite authors). But I don’t get why I should pay more to read a badly edited book than I would for an edited book from one of my favorite authors. Don’t get me wrong, some of the story lines are pretty cool and I think they could make money on them in a more legitimate manner, if they take the time to either edit them or find someone to help them with edits. In fact, when I see those stories on Facebook I do check to see if they been published and are a available in e-book form. I found 2 but, they were very over priced $9 each and very poorly edited just like the APP version, it’s a shame because they have potential.

The APP’s like the above mentions are not even worth the download time and I certainly am not willing to spend money again on any of these apps. Especially, when I have to spend the APP coin a second time on a chapter, I have already read but wanted to go back to for clarification on something. I will just WAIT and see if the authors actually edit and publishes their books, then I will be happy to consider purchasing and reviewing their books, because some of them have some real potential and may be worth it. I am just not willing to ripped off on an unedited, disorganized story from those apps when I can spend my hard-earned money on a decently written e-book by authors who care about how their stories are received by the public and want to earn an honest living.

2 thoughts on “Reading APPs Are Not Worth The Time

  1. Give me a try with editing. Like I said I’m a reader. I’m addicted to reading and poorly written material burns until I can’t take it anymore. Delete. But when the potential is there. Why not support.

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    • With these types of apps you end up spending more on a badly edited book then you would an ebook and sometimes a book. I to am and avid reader. I obtain my books the legal way and I write reviews to support authors but I wont waste money on apps that make me pay for reach chapter and then if I have to go back a to clarify something for a review and have to pay for that chapter again. Nope not worth the time or the money, but from what I have seen so far just from checking out those apps the authors have a lot of potential, but I wont read or review from those apps, they are a rip off scam. I would be happy to read and review for those authors but they would need to contact me and send me the story.


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