Jaynell’s Wolf (A Wizard’s Touch #1) by Amber Kell


February 16, 2018
Amber Kell
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Amber Kell has republished Jaynell’s Wolf and my curiosity got the better of me and yes, I still have my original e-book version that I purchased from All Romance, but haven’t read it in some time, I may have to, just to see if and/or how different the 2 versions are.

Jaynell’s father’s last request is for him to attend a magical university, where he meets his 4 room mates and his werekin mate Thomas. As Jaynell meets in his new potential friends he worries about chasing them off as they discover how powerful he is. His mate, Thomas, a powerful wolf in his own right lacks the ambition to be Alpha and is very happy to have found his mate and be his brothers second.

When I first read this story, I honestly did not think it would one I would read again so guess I surprised myself. There wasn’t much about Jaynell’s Wolf that I didn’t like. It was well written with practically no editing issues, maybe one or two but nothing that truly interrupted the overall flow of the story. I am unsure of the title Jaynell’s Wolf, because, even though Thomas is in nearly every chapter in the story, the focus is on Jaynell more then his wolf or them as a couple.

Jaynell’s Wolf is very storyline based with a couple of bedroom scenes that were tastefully written and not overly graphic.

Book Cover
I think the newer editions cover is more interesting than the older cover, but the older cover fits the storyline more than the newer cover.

Book’s Blurb
The blurb for this version of Jaynell’s Wolf is longer and honestly a lot better than the first version’s blurb.

Original Review
Posted April 4, 2014
Link to original review

Book’s Blurb
Previously released

Sometimes it takes a little magic to find true love…

His father’s dying wish had Jaynell Marley signing up to attend the Mayell Wizard Academy. It only takes him a short time to realize he doesn’t belong. His abilities, far more advanced than the other students, cause jealousy. Knowing how to speak Gnome and summon a dragon puts him beyond everyone’s skills but the teachers.

Enter Thomas Sparks—a member of the local wolf pack who isn’t impressed with Jay’s magic. He wants the man himself. One look into Jay’s eyes and Thomas knows he’s found his life mate. The only problem—convincing the powerful wizard that they were meant to be together.

When outside forces threaten to tear them apart, it will take their combined skills to defeat the evil wizard trying to steal their future.

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