The Rejected Wolf by Alexa Phoenix


November 20, 2020
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

I originally found The Rejected Wolf on Facebook attached to one of those dreaded rip-off apps, so I snap shot a picture of the title and looked it up online where I happen to notice it was also on Amazon. Good thing because I really wanted to read the story but I am not inclined to be ripped off to do so.

Andy hale is a bullied she-wolf who ends up being mated to her bully, Connor the jerk face Black, who is still determined to make her suffer. I really could not stand him, he needed to be kicked in the balls and left screaming like a girl. I am convinced he must have been dropped on his head several times as a child because his parents and brother were pretty cool. I really liked them. Andy isn’t down for the count though, turns out she has a second chance by the name of Logan. He was excited that he got the girl instead of Connor.

There are a few twists in The Rejected Wolf that will keep you in the story line and some of them you might actually see coming as the story progresses. One or two of those twists are so subtle you wont even really see them as a twist. It was really easy to like the likable characters and equally easy to hate the jerk off characters. This story does need some edited but not much and the ending was a let down but the guts of the whole story line was a pretty enjoyable read that I may read again in the future.

Book Cover
I have seen this particular cover before on others paranormal books and it is getting tiresome

I like the blurb; it gives you just enough taste of the story to hook you without telling you the whole story. It does need some minor editing, maybe one or two words but nothing drastic.

Book’s Blurb
When teenage werewolf Andy Hale finally finds her soulmate, she is drawn to his strength, and of course that chiselled face. You would think that she would be happy. However, the normally timid and kindhearted Andy learns that life can hold some cruel twists. Turns out the love of her life is none other than Connor Black. The very same Connor Black who has been tormenting her since she was a pup. As if that wasn’t enough, things were complicated when another Handsome stranger rushes to her rescue… Who will she Choose? Love or Destiny?

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