I have some honest to goodness questions and I would like some honest to goodness answers.

How is it that social media is the cause of all the misinformation when a lot of what is posted are real stories from real people?

How is it misinformation when a mother tells us (I know this story to be true) that her son died in the hospital then was told he died of Covid only to have a coroner tell her he did not die of Covid? They showed the coroner report to the hospital who refused to changed the cause of death. Who is spouting misinformation there, the parent or the hospital?

They say the Vaccines are safe oh but there are proven risks, yet our government is demanding we all get the jab. How is that misinformation?

How is being forced to take an experimental drug with unknown long term consequences misinformation? Do you know the long-term consequences? If so, can you enlighten the rest of us.

The pharmacies are making billions on these mandates is that misinformation?

Can you explain exactly what the misinformation about Covid is? And how you know it is misinformation?

How do you know that the news companies are not spreading government propaganda?

Do you know for a fact who is telling the truth about Covid and who is not, to tell us what is misinformation?

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