Mission: Guardian Angel (Veslor Mates #2) by Laurann Dohner


February 11, 2020
Laurann Dohner
Sci Fi Romance
Author’s Page

Because of what happened on the Gorison Traveler there is now an alliance with the Veslors. The Velsor king has sent a grouping to Defcon Red to assist in securing the safety of a colony. Abby who is being hounded by the press is on Defcon Red to make sure that the Veslors are being treated well because she feels responsible for them. Where Abby wants this alliance with the Veslors to work Bradley Rogers wants it to fail without even giving it a chance and if Abby suffers in the process all the better.

Mission: Guardian Angel has a great story line and like the other series from Laurann Dohner maintains an amazing continuity between the books in a series. I liked Abby in The Gorison Traveler Incident and after reading Mission: Guardian Angel I think she is awesome; she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I also like Drak and his grouping, the whole dynamic of a grouping is an interesting concept. All the characters, even the bad guys, had dimension and personality like all of the characters that this author creates.

Over all I loved Mission: Guardian Angel, it was very imaginative and well written and deserves the 5-star rating I am giving it.

The were 2 quotes that I wanted to share but the second one was rather long and as much I liked that quote, I did not think the author would appreciate me using them both because of how long they are. With that in mind I read both quotes several times trying to decide on which one I liked more and this one won by a hair.

“That’s not what I’m known for, Milts. I destroy careers by exposing assholes who don’t conform to fleet standards. That would include sexually harassing women. Saying crude things falls into that category.”—Abby

Book Cover
I really like the cover; I think it really covers the whole story line.

Like always with this author the blurb is well written and gives the buys a taste of the story without telling the whole story

Book’s Blurb
Ever since her friend Vivian mated a Veslor, Abby Thomas has been curious about the mysterious aliens. She also has a vested interest in making sure their newfound relationship with United Earth is a success, prompting her to take a job on a military vessel to ensure the Veslor grouping stationed there are treated fairly. It doesn’t hurt that they’re easy to look at. When one Veslor in particular catches her attention, she hopes he’s nothing like the humans she’s dated, who were only interested in her bank balance and connections.

Drak and his Veslor grouping quietly endured unfair treatment aboard Defcon Red…until a beautiful spitfire spoke up on their behalf, earning herself nemeses among the ship’s fleet. When those foes try to silence Abby, Drak makes it his mission to protect her. The harrowing experience quickly bringing them so close, Drak is determined to make Abby his mate…if her enemies don’t ruin his chance, permanently.

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