Second Love by Mary Goldberger


January 27, 2021
Mary Goldberger
Paranormal Romance

Wren has found her mate but choses not to act on it primarily out fear. Plus, he seems to be interested in another pack member making it easier for her to not stake her claim.

Colwyn has found his second chance mate but is considering a chosen mate. He does not want the pain of losing another mate.

Second Love contains a great story with multiple subplots and twists. Second Love also contains a lesson about what love should be and shouldn’t be. I think that author put a lot of thought into her characters, especially the main characters and that the story has so much to offer once the author deals with some of the holes in her story.

I really like the story line and most of the characters were for the most part likable. I just feel like there are a few holes in the story, for example where did Imogen disappear to? She just up and disappeared with no explanation like the author just dropped her until the end what was the point of Imogen? Next hole is more like a huge question, how the heck does Kate convince the pack females the she is Colwyn’s mate and that she is a wronged woman? And while we are at it, how did Kate figure out that Wren was a threat to her made up relationship to Colwyn?

Second Love is also needing a lot of editing, there a lot ‘her’ where ‘he’ should be and vise versa. There were a few sentences that I needed to read twice to make sense of them. Editing and filling in holes would definitely smooth out the whole story while improving the it. In the mean time I am giving the Second Love a 2-star a review with the stipulation that if the author ever edits/makes changes to the story I will be happy to read it again and review it again.

I really liked this quote because of how true it is love should not be selfish or manipulative.

“When you love, it shouldn’t be selfish.”—Donovan

Book Cover
I like the cover, it stands out.

The first 5 sentences were just enough to give me a taste of what Second Love was about. The last to sentences seemed like overkill and unnecessary.

Book’s Blurb
When a one loses their mate, it can destroy them.
Wren knew this firsthand watching her father go through it. Not wanting any mate of hers to suffer the same fate, Wren decided to keep to herself not wanting to find her mate.
Losing his mate so suddenly, Colwyn lost himself in other women. He didn’t want to love, and lose, another again so he started making plans.
Two wounded individuals meet unexpectedly and Fate decides to intervene.
When you find your mate, it seems nothing can stop what Fate has already decided.

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