Alpha Wolf (Silvercoast Wolves #1) by Ruby Knoxx


December 15, 2021
Paranormal Romance
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Ryel and Mila come home on the same day and immediately start the verbal attacks reminiscent of their childhood, seriously grow up and get a clue.

Alpha Wolf is basically about adults acting like they are still in school instead of adults. Ryel, the man whore, is hot for Mila and acts like a middle schooler being mean to the girl he likes instead of as a man hot for his mate. I am not sure Mila is any better when she goads him for a reaction. I think the best part of the whole story was the first chapter and the main characters on the motorcycles even though it does prove my point about Mila. From there I got bored out of my mind and skipped a few chapters where things picked up starting with the Alpha challenge.

There were a few edits but not enough to hinder the story line they way the boring parts did. The thing is about the boring parts of any book is that you can always pick a story again and find those boring parts riveting and that actually works the other way as well in a book where the riveting parts are boring on the next reading. So, this brings me to my rating and there is always a chance that I could read Alpha Wolf again in the future and have a very different reaction to it and there in lies my problem because I feel like I can see myself reading this story again and I feel like my rating should reflect this potential. I think 3-stars will be a safe choice for now because it leaves it open for me to read again later and adjust based on my open on the next potential reading.

The bedroom and forest scenes though tastefully done were pretty steamy and probably the most not boring parts of the story.

I chose this quote because it proves my point that it’s time for someone to grow up and stop being a man whore.

“I know what’s wrong with you, my friend. You never face anything. You run and you use people. You use women to fill that void inside you that was there long before your father died. You can’t use people anymore. You can’t do whatever you want. You are a pillar of this community. Whether you become the alpha or not, you will be a head wolf. It’s time you settle down. Find a mate. Get serious, Ryel. It’s time.”—Axel

Book Cover
The cover looks like the author put some thought into creativity for her cover by not using the same old tired generic cover arts that are usually offered. Does it match the story line

The blurb is a little to wordy. I think the age warning is a great touch but the blip about the whole series is a bit over kill with how long and one sided the blurb it is.

Book’s Blurb
He used to torture me mercilessly for being a geek.
He shattered my heart by calling me names and comparing me to others.
But I’m no longer the scrawny girl with the braces.
I’m a curvaceous grown woman, and I want my revenge.

Everyone in the pack has always joked that we would end up together.
But I know how he uses women and runs away from them.
He might be a mighty wolf, but I’ve seen his weakness.
I know that I could never give him my heart.

Yet all that knowledge doesn’t stop my womanhood from reacting to him.
Even in anger, he makes me feel something no man has ever made me feel.
Even in shame, he gets under my skin in a way that makes me blush.
I’ve never let a man have control of me before.

Do I dare give it to the new alpha?

The women of the Silvercoast Wolves pack have envy-provoking lives. They live in a beautiful small town, are surrounded by the hottest guys on the coast, and once they’ve found true love, their mates will stop at nothing to please them. Want to come and visit?

WARNING: Intended for 18+ readers.

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