Size Matters (Chaos and Carnage MC #1) by Sam Crescent


January 18, 2022
Evernight Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Word Count
Author’s Page

Maddie has been put down for who she is all her life so when Bull, the biker takes an interest in her she isn’t too sure about it. Then just when she starts to trust him, he goes and does the stupid thing thinking to protect her.

Size Matters storyline has a lot of slow-moving parts, some are really great while others can get really freaking boring. All the parts combined to make for a great emotional roller coaster as long as you keep the skipping the boring parts to a minimum. Maddie is a very likable character when she is standing up for herself but she is so kind hearted that she rarely does it.

I did find what I thought were a couple of potential edits but after reading them again I was able to attribute the wording to be consistent to where the author is from and helping them make more sense and educational about other parts of the world. There was another part in the book where Bull was thinking about his motorcycle and the phrase “kept her in good nick” came up and again I was scratching my head but again I contribute that to where the author is from and hope that maybe by mentioning it she will explain it because I am really curious.

The heat in Size Matters come much later in the story line so if you are looking for graphic insta-porn this is not the book for you. When it does happen, you will be satisfied.


Yep Gross
“I don’t want to know what she called any of you. It was bad enough that you had to come into the club and announce you had something wrong with your junk, and the fact it went around the whole club. Fucking gross.”—Bull

This one was just too funny to pass up.
“I’m not going to take dating advice from a brother who thinks getting crabs is a weekend of fun.”—Bull

Book Cover
The cover is pretty good but I am not entirely sure it fits the story line. Yeah, it was a drama queens dream book but Size Matters is not one of those dark drama type books that this cover seems to convey.

Blurb Rating
The blurb needs some miner grammatical editing according to Microsoft Words automatic editing, but is otherwise well written.

Book’s Blurb
Maddie French is used to being ignored, always told she’d never be good enough. When another date is a no-show, she decides to swear off all men.

After taking over from his father as the prez of the Chaos and Carnage MC, Bull’s priorities have been focused in keeping everyone alive. Now’s the time for him to go after the woman he wants—Maddie.

Only, she doesn’t even realize how badly he wants her. Bull is determined to show her she’s worth everything, and he won’t take no for an answer. Maddie agrees to one date with him, and little by little, he fills her heart, getting beneath her skin.

When an enemy tries to take over his turf, Maddie is attacked. The only thing Bull can do to keep her safe is to push her away, to hurt her in the most painful way.

Bull can try to win her back, but he may have lost the love of his life.

He broke her heart, but she will find it in her power to build herself up?

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