Kill For His Mate by A. B. Lee


July 13, 2013
A. B. Lee
Paranormal Romance
Word Count

I purchased Kill for His Mate in November of 2013 and have read it a few times. The story needs a number of edits and I really hate trying to read through edit but I really do like the story line.

Kill for His Mate kind of reminds me of that show 24 with Keifer Sutherland, which was a decent show but not a favorite. In the case of Kill for His Mate the 24 hours revolves around Alex escaping from the psycho vampire, Sinclair as well as finding and shagging her mate. The story is short enough that if you have a full free day, you could probably finish all 8 chapters.

Alex is a tough character that has met her match in her over protective mate, Carter. I have to say I feel really sorry for Carter’s brother, Jack, it’s a good thing he is a Lycan or he would be sporting constant black eyes. Maybe Jack’s new sister-in-law will save him a few bruises by keeping Carter in the bedroom.

I am rather sad that Kill for His Mate is no longer available but hopefully someday the author will republish it after editing it. In the mean time I do recommend the story but with the edits I am giving the story 2 stars.

There are 2 very steamy bedroom/shower scenes and a whole lot of sexual tension and fantasizing so have fun when you get to those parts.

Book Cover
Good thing the blurbs are cool because the covers aren’t anything to write home about but then again as I just wrote this, I got to thinking of that picture that pops up on Facebook from time to time. You know the one that has the books cover hidden behind a home-made dust jacket and the caption is something cool to challenge us to give a book a chance before seeing and judging the cover.

Blurb Rating
A.B. Lee is very good at writing reviews, I honestly think that is the biggest reason I purchase this authors books without even skimming the first few chapters. The darned author sucks me in with the blurbs alone because I just got to know what happens, dang just thinking like that makes me feel nosy.

Book’s Blurb
Alex Knight is on the run from the Vampire that wants more than her blood.

When she walks into a bar for something to eat, she finds herself in the midst of a Lycan pack.
Carter’s ready to send her on her way, he can scent the vampire mark on her and wants her gone, until he discovers that she is his mate.

Not only does he need to get Alex to agree to stay, he needs to keep her safe from the vampire that is attacking his pack for vengeance.

When the vampire attacks, Alex makes a decision that hands her over to him.

Can Carter and the pack get to her in time to save her life?

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