BEYOND BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 1)

The deaths of a well-respected gay couple in Houston appeared to be a murder-suicide fueled by jealousy. But Husto’s instinct tells him otherwise. He’d just stumbled onto the invisible trail of a fiendishly clever homicidal maniac. Who leaves no physical trace and no hint at a possible motive!

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AGAINST BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 2)

Houston is falling apart. Gang violence, crazed neo-fascist cults, and murder are steeping the city in chaos. Detective Husto must extinguish the wildfire tearing through the streets. Before it’s too late!

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FALSE BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 3)

Arson, kidnapping, assassination, murders. Cop, store manager, beautiful mare, suspected terrorist, city councilmen. All dead. Most baffling case of his career. He must stop it. Before everything blows to hell!

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Author Q&A

(Q) What was your inspiration for the Blood Crime Thriller Series?

(A) Quite simple. Romance and Thrillers are the two of the bestselling genres, and I knew I couldn’t write romance novels!

(Q) Will there be more books in the series? If so, how many?

(A) Seven or more. Book 4 is at the publishers being edited. The M/C, Detective Cliff Husto, advances in rank as the series progresses until he retires as a Captain from the police force and starts his own national Private Investigator agency with his son joining him. From there, the son becomes the M/C.

(Q) Which book in the series was your favorite to write and why?

(A) I’d have to say Book 4 (VILE BLOOD) which has yet to be released. I like to think the Series is getting better and stronger with each new book!

(Q) What was the hardest part of writing the series?

(A) I meticulously outline the plot, action, characters, etc., Chapter by Chapter, for the entire book. BEFORE I start writing. It can take me as long to outline in detail as it does to write the story!

(Q) Is there a question that your readers ask you the most that you would like to answer here?

(A) Where do I get the ideas for my intricate story plots? Just my fertile, never ceasing, imagination. Fueled by a great respect for the classic NOIR, P.I., detective, cops & criminals books and movies of the past.


Born in Tennessee to a military family, Jack King grew up crisscrossing the USA. He has lived twice each on the west and east coasts, and many states in between. Beginning his career in the ad agency business, he then moved into marketing and sales for Fortune 500, mid-sized, and start-up companies before writing his first novel.

He is the author of the popular BLOOD Crime Thriller series, as well as a YA fantasy series and one historical fiction novel.

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