Desire for Three: Winning Back Jesse (More Desire, Oklahoma #1) by Leah Brooke


August 9, 2013
Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance
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Desire for Three: Winning Back Jesse is kind of like a fast pit stop to say to a friend because they are on the way to your actual destination. Jesse was insecure about the relationship to begin with after Clay and Rio threw her the curb in the original story so naturally, they should have saw Jesse running from a mile away. It really was very short and not much of a plot, woman confronts men, storms off and sneaks out window, men freak out and chase woman then bring her home, where they all talk then have steaming hot sex. Some of that sounds very cavemanish but there it is in a 65 page nut shell.

Was it worth the money and time? Well, it was nice to make a quick pit stop to visit old friends but it was not a long enough visit and more time would have been nice.

Book Cover
The is no other way to say this then THE COVER SUCKS. The female model clearly looks very young and what woman in her 40’s dresses like a 16-year-old, whose parents don’t pay attention to her, unless she is a cougar, which Jesse is not. She looks even younger than the female model Desire For Three. The publishers clearly didn’t read the story or they would use age-appropriate models, that fit the story line, for covers.

Blurb Rating
The blurb makes Desire for Three: Winning Back Jesse seem longer than it really is and thankfully doesn’t give away too many details even if it does give away the ending.

Book’s Blurb
Living in Desire, Oklahoma, and married to two incredible men, Jesse Erickson felt her world was perfect, until she walks through the door of her home one day and has her world turned upside down.

Shocked to the core, and with her world crumbling around her, she runs, too shaken to cope.

Clay and Rio Erickson hate keeping secrets from Jesse, but didn’t have a choice

They certainly hadn’t expected their wife to assume the worst and run.

With the help of a friend, they find her, only to face the horror of almost losing her again.

Scared and shaken, they get her home, still reeling from the thought of losing her. Determined to show her the power of their love won’t be easy, but they know just how to get their wife’s undivided attention.

Allowing their dominant sides to rule, they will plow through her insecurities once and for all.

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