Blade’s Desire (Desire, Oklahoma #2) by Leah Brooke


December 18, 2008
Siren Publishing
Erotic Contemporary Romance, Consensual BDSM
Word Count
Author’s Page

Kelly and Blade’s story actually begins Desire For Three as a background story but continues on in Blade’s Desire with Kelly wanting to move past her traumatic past. She knows she wants Blade but she doesn’t know how much Blade wants her and leads to some crossed wires in communication. Now that I am thinking about it the miscommunication is a result of some BDSM rule breaking. After reading a number of books with BDSM in the relationships, isn’t absolute honesty mandatory in such relationships? Seems to me that both Blade and Kelly should have been more open it would have saved Kelly a lot of heartache and Blade from making a complete mess of things as he made an ass of himself, lol.

Overall, Blade’s Desire is a well written and has many steamy fourplay and sex scenes and very few to no edits and a great story line but I do wish that there was more to the none bedroom storylines, like Simon going after Kelly. Even though I had something kind of negative to say I still feel that Blade’s Desire deserves 5 stars especially since this is not the first time I have been sucked into the story.

Blade’s Desire has steam rising off my tablet hot, once Kelly gets up the courage to go for it.

Book Cover
Honestly, I probably would have skipped over Blade’s Desire completely because the cover looked unappealing, if I had not already read Desire For Three.

Blurb Rating
The blurb is interesting and gives just enough information to give a taste of the story.

Book’s Blurb
Newcomer to Desire, Oklahoma, Kelly Jones wants to get over her past. Physically and mentally abused, she wants a new start. Falling in love with a self-proclaimed Dom, Kelly wonders if she isn’t in over her head.

But she underestimates Blade Royal’s patience.

Little by little she falls under his spell and soon her body burns with a need she knows only he can fulfill. Her body demands relief so she makes a bargain that has her putting her trust and her body in Blade’s hands for the next six weeks.

Kelly fights to hide her love from him, not knowing he’s already determined to make her his own. Blade knows she has hidden passions that are a perfect match for his own.

He only has to show them to her.

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