Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly (More Desire, Oklahoma #2) by Leah Brooke


December 13, 2013
Siren Publishing
Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance
Word Count
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Kelly and Blade have been trying to have a baby with unsuccessful result until recently, but complications arise that put mom and baby in jeopardy. Blade doesn’t that Kelly can handle their life style anymore and just like in the beginning of their relationship (see book 2 of the original series) he makes decisions and choices without even comminating with her. I guess some people never learn, lol.

I felt like Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly was a more detailed book then Desire for Three: Winning Back Jesse. Not only was Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly longer it also included several other characters from the original series, Desire, Oklahoma which was nice. The addition of other main characters fills out the story line, making it a well-rounded story that covers a lot ground as well as maintains continuity between Blade’s Desire and Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly.

Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly was basically well written, I didn’t find any editing issues as I read which I was excited about, although, my husband might beg to differ because I was up late reading this story. I lost track of time because there were no edits to act as speed bumps to slow down the progress of my reading, kind of like this review (it’s currently 1:27 am). The continuity between this book and its predecessor is fantastic, plus, I like the story line which makes giving Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly 4 stars an easy decision.

Given the story line the bedroom scenes were reasonably muted but picked a bit near the end but still not a steamy as one would expect from a Leah Brooke story.

Book Cover
I am a big fan of continuity when come to series and apparently that includes book covers (who knew? Not me, until now). After looking at the cover for Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly then looking at the cover for Blade’s Desire I felt like the covers lack continuity but that falls on the publishers for using dissimilar models for the cover of Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly. Now on the flip side of that I do like the cover for Blade’s Desire: Adoring Kelly better then the cover for its predecessor Blade’s Desire which was bland and unappealing.

Blurb Rating
Blurbs are a great thing when not being used to tell practically the whole story before the reader actually dives into the actually story, just saying, less is more.

Book’s Blurb
Kelly Royal has learned the pleasure of submitting under her husband’s gentle, but firm, hand, but Blade’s interest in dominating her seems to be gone forever. Going into labor a month early scared the hell out of her, and despite Blade’s efforts, he couldn’t hide his own fear—especially when things go terribly wrong.

Unable to forget the image of her pale and unmoving form in the hospital bed, Blade can’t even imagine taking her back into his playroom, and as soon as he brings her home from the hospital, he empties the room, vowing to never dominate her again. His fragile wife has been through enough, and he can’t imagine taking her the way he did before.

Kelly, though, has other plans. She wants her husband back, and frustrated that he thwarts her attempts to take her the way he did before, she takes matters into her own hands.

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