Finding a Home by A. B. Lee


May 9, 2014
A. B. Lee
Paranormal Romance

I bet Anna probably felt a bit like a yoyo, with Nicks whole go away, no wait come back moment. I think it was admirable that he wanted to honor his deal with the other Alpha but seriously, I think he should have manned up and told Anna the truth before he dismissed her. Who knows it could have made for a better, longer more 3-dimensional storyline. Unfortunately, we shall never know because for what ever reason the author pulled the book off Amazon and I am not sure why. Yes, Finding a Home needs some edits but the story line is strong with the potential to be stronger and longer and the characters were likable, well, except for the douchebag bad guys.

There is some heat in both the woods and the bedroom but it wasn’t anything like steam coming off my tablet.

Book Cover
Purple and black are two of my favorite colors.

Blurb Rating
The blurb does sell the book.

Book’s Blurb
Anna knew to stay away from anything supernatural. Covering her Fae scent with a spell and a ton of chemicals she’d gone undetected in a town full of shifters, and then someone tried to kill the Alpha’s sister. Anna was a healer, it was her gift and she couldn’t turn her back on the young She-Wolf as she lay dying. Coming to the attention of the Alpha wasn’t in her game plan. Now she had, she needed to move on.

Nick wasn’t best pleased to find a Fae in his town that he hadn’t known about. He was even less pleased to find out that she was his mate, especially as he was to blood bond with the Alpha’s daughter from another pack to secure an alliance against Boden, an Alpha determined to be King. Joining the two packs was the only way to secure their future.

Nick was determined to put his pack first. No matter what the cost, but war was coming and everyone was about to get caught up in it. And Boden had an ace up his sleeve that nobody had seen coming.


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