His Wolf’s Choice by Mary Goldberger


August 16, 2019
Mary Goldberger
Paranormal Romance
Author’s Page

Daya left home to go to school and get away from her uncle’s closed minded and narcistic pack members. She missed her Uncle Jordan but she was done with packs then she had a class with Professor Kala. She suspected her professor was a wolf shifter and when she went to the professor home for a study group she was disappointed to confirm her suspicions. Then she learns that not all packs are like her uncle’s.

I really like most of the characters in His Wolf’s Choice, they are thought out and well developed and it’s hard to choose favorite character even the not so good characters, and believe me, they are definitely worthy of intense dislike and contempt. I notice the same thing last year when I read another book by Mary Goldberger. The difference between Second Love and His Wolf’s Choice is that Mary kept better track of all her characters in this book.

I truly like the story line, there is so much potential and originally I was going to give the story 2 stars because the version of His Wolf’s Choice that I have has a huge number of edits and when I went to the books page on Amazon to get some information for this review I noticed there was an updated version of His Wolf’s Choice. I downloaded that updated version and compared some of the edits I saw from my original version to this updated version and I noticed that the last few chapters where Kala’s name changed to Kaya was fixed and this is great and some of the punctuation errors were also fixed and that is great. Because the author is trying to improve the story, I am giving His Wolf’s Choice 3 stars, however there were still edits needed and from what I read in the updated version there were still edits needed and there are some holes that need to be filled in so that chapters don’t feel like they are incomplete or something is missing. I honestly, think that the author could use a really good group of proof readers to go through her stories with a fine-tooth comb and give her honest feed back to help her with all of that.

There isn’t really any heat to His Wolf’s Choice but I think that is because according to Amazon the reading age is 16 to 18 years of age. I think because there are bedroom scenes that are practically non graphic but still have sexual innuendo that the age line should be 18 and up. That is the mom and Grandma in me coming out, especially now that my granddaughter has seen that I have a blog.

Book Cover
The cover is interesting and probably the biggest reason I even gave this book a chance, I am glad I did. On a personal not I am grateful that this cover is tame into comparison to some of the others on my blog because when my granddaughter discovered I had a blog she asked my WHY I had a blog with a bunch of “hoochie men” on it and I had to explain that they were book covers. Of course she tells her mom and then I am asking where my 12 year old granddaughter learned the word “hoochie” while she and my daughter laugh hysterically. Oh well that’s life lol.

Blurb Rating
The book blurb is short and subtle which is interesting, I do think it needs some editing in the punctuation department. For example: who is the “he” referring to? If “he” is part of the story then maybe his name should be in the blurb… Just a thought.

Book’s Blurb
Daya moved on with her life after her mate broke their bond. Being human, she was deemed unworthy for someone like him. So, why did the man who walked in her professor’s class stirred something inside her even when she discovered the truth?

Her smell enticed him the second he walked into the room…his wolf growled in contentment. Who was this woman…and why did she call to his wolf? **

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