A Stranger She Has Always Known by Emma Anderson


March 4, 2014
Siren Publishing
Erotica Paranormal Romance
Word Count

I have read A Stranger She Has Always Known several times and I am so excited to write this review. It’s a great story and Jasmine is an awesome character with a craptastic mother and a perv for a step brother.

I really liked how Jasmine rolled with the punches when she learn her best friend’s (Luc) secret and that his brother, Dominic, is her mate. She was pretty calm when she learns her mother and step brother are so determined to get their hands on her inheritance that they are willing to kill her for it. I think Luc and Dominic’s over protectiveness is hilarious up until it becomes a serious life and death matter. I think my very favorite part was when Jasmine wiped the floor with Catherine the delusional, that was an epic moment in the book.

I think my only complaint is about the name ‘Simon’. To me a Simon is a person with glasses and pocket protector and a sweet disposition, so, you can imagine the horror of learning that one can actually be a horrible, evil piece of butt fudge. There are very few to no edits so I won’t complain about those, especially after reading the story so many times.

The genre claims A Stranger She Has Always Known is erotica however after reading the story several times I think that the term is an over exaggeration of the steaminess of this story. The first bedroom scene takes place several chapters into the book and is not the main theme of this story. In addition, all bedroom scenes were fairly vague and short.

Book Cover
I am not sure why there was a need to have the female model in her underwear. It seems like false advertising, especially since this book is fairly tame in comparison so some of the books that I have read from Siren Publishing. Since it is customary for the publishing companies to chose the cover, I have to wonder what they were thinking when thinking half naked models were appropriate for this particular story, I can’t help but wonder if they actually read the story. I feel bad for the author as she probably had very little choice is the cover design of her own story.

Blurb Rating
The blurb is pretty accurate and a great selling point for A Stranger She Has Always Known, however, there a couple of grammatical errors that should be looked.

Book’s Blurb
After inheriting her grandmother’s estate, Jasmine Carmichael becomes a well sought-after person, for many different reasons. Her mother and stepbrother are after her money, and neither will stop until they get what they want, while her best friend’s brother wants her in his bed. The idea both intrigues and scares her at the same time.

Dominic Richards has spent the last 17 years ignoring his brother’s best friend, only to discover that she’s his mate. Now he has a fight on his hands. He needs to find a way to get to know Jasmine, so when she’s threatened he sees the perfect opportunity.

If only life were that simple. Developing a relationship can be difficult at the best of times, but for Jasmine and Dominic, they have the added pressure of the danger surrounding Jasmine. Will she be given a chance to see what the future holds for her and Dominic, or will her family succeed in killing her first?

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