BEYOND BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 1)

The deaths of a well-respected gay couple in Houston appeared to be a murder-suicide fueled by jealousy. But Husto’s instinct tells him otherwise. He’d just stumbled onto the invisible trail of a fiendishly clever homicidal maniac. Who leaves no physical trace and no hint at a possible motive!

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AGAINST BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 2)

Houston is falling apart. Gang violence, crazed neo-fascist cults, and murder are steeping the city in chaos. Detective Husto must extinguish the wildfire tearing through the streets. Before it’s too late!

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FALSE BLOOD by JACK KING (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 3)

Arson, kidnapping, assassination, murders. Cop, store manager, beautiful mare, suspected terrorist, city councilmen. All dead. Most baffling case of his career. He must stop it. Before everything blows to hell!

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Author Q&A

(Q) What was your inspiration for the Blood Crime Thriller Series?

(A) Quite simple. Romance and Thrillers are the two of the bestselling genres, and I knew I couldn’t write romance novels!

(Q) Will there be more books in the series? If so, how many?

(A) Seven or more. Book 4 is at the publishers being edited. The M/C, Detective Cliff Husto, advances in rank as the series progresses until he retires as a Captain from the police force and starts his own national Private Investigator agency with his son joining him. From there, the son becomes the M/C.

(Q) Which book in the series was your favorite to write and why?

(A) I’d have to say Book 4 (VILE BLOOD) which has yet to be released. I like to think the Series is getting better and stronger with each new book!

(Q) What was the hardest part of writing the series?

(A) I meticulously outline the plot, action, characters, etc., Chapter by Chapter, for the entire book. BEFORE I start writing. It can take me as long to outline in detail as it does to write the story!

(Q) Is there a question that your readers ask you the most that you would like to answer here?

(A) Where do I get the ideas for my intricate story plots? Just my fertile, never ceasing, imagination. Fueled by a great respect for the classic NOIR, P.I., detective, cops & criminals books and movies of the past.


Born in Tennessee to a military family, Jack King grew up crisscrossing the USA. He has lived twice each on the west and east coasts, and many states in between. Beginning his career in the ad agency business, he then moved into marketing and sales for Fortune 500, mid-sized, and start-up companies before writing his first novel.

He is the author of the popular BLOOD Crime Thriller series, as well as a YA fantasy series and one historical fiction novel.

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Feature Author Friday: Holly Bargo

About Holly Bargo

Always fascinated by myths and fairy tales, Holly Bargo works as a freelance writer and editor

writing mostly business-related content. In February 2014, she took the plunge into digital self-publishing and has since published 14 books spanning romance and its sub-genres. She lives in southwest Ohio on a hobby farm with her husband, two sons, and menagerie of assorted four-legged critters.

List of Websites

Any upcoming release dates
Russian Dawn, the third in the Russian Love series, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2017.

Q & A

(Q) What inspired you to start writing?

(A) I’ve been writing stories since grade school; I don’t really remember any “starting” point.

(Q) What are you currently working on, if you can tell us about it?

(A) I am working on the third book in a mafia romance series (not serial), a couple of sequels to other books, and over a dozen other manuscripts.

(Q) Which book do you think of as your best work?

(A) Rowan. I don’t know that it’s my best, but it’s certainly my favorite.

(Q) Do you have a favorite book that you have written?

(A) Rowan.

(Q) Who is your favorite of the characters you created? Why?

(A) Rowan. Even though this is a paranormal romance, Rowan seems most real to me.

(Q) Who of the characters you created do you like the least? Why?

(A) Connor of The Dragon Wore a Kilt. He started off great, but then devolved into a real jerk. I had to work hard to redeem him and wasn’t sure I accomplished that.

(Q) Do you attend large book signing event with other authors? Where is the next event you are attending?

(A) I intend to be at the ConGlomeration in Louisville, KY, which will be held April 7-9.

(Q) Do you sponsor any book events that you want people and other authors to know about?

(A) No.

(Q) Who is your favorite author?

(A) It’s difficult to choose. Robin McKinley, Nora Roberts, Robert B. Parker, Dick Francis, C. L. Wilson, Ellen Kushner, Tad Williams, Christine Feehan, and so many more.

(Q) What is your favorite book?

(A) Beauty by Robin McKinley.

(Q) What is your favorite series?

(A) That’s another tough one. C. L. Wilson’s Fading Lands or Christine Feehan’s Dark series, the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker.

(Q) What would you like your readers to know about you that is not in your bio?

(A) I really want to write a Regency romance, but am terrified that I’ll completely muck it up because of a precarious understanding of the English peerage.

P. Gordan Lamb, Author or The Pritchard Pack Series

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I guest visit for a chat on Laura’s Lu, so I am really excited to welcome P. Gordon Lamb, the author of the Lycan series. I am currently in the middle of Rogue the second book in the series and with each page, I get more eager to read book three.

About P. Gordon Lamb

P. Gordon Lamb was born in 1954 in Lubbock, Texas. She married right out of high school and joined the family business at age eighteen. For forty years Phyllis has been part of a partnership in the automotive repair industry, roadside rescue service, novelty shop, snack bars, and restaurant business. Through the years, she has met many people who love to read and knows people can find pure entertainment when becoming the characters in books with their imagination. She has traveled much of the continental United States, but like most people believe there is no place like home in Texas.


(LL) Hello Phyllis, thank you for visiting with us.

(LL) When did you start writing?

(PGL) I started writing when I was in high school, but more for my own entertainment. Then I took time off to raise my family. I had a high school English teacher who encouraged me. I’ve never forgotten her inspiring words. That was a long time ago thinking I graduated in 1973. There, you’ve gone and done it, you got me to date myself.

(LL) You are only as old as you think or feel you are. I figure as long as I don’t think of Rock & Roll as just noise than I am not old. SOOOOO Rock On AC/DC, Sammy Hagar and Def Leppard Rock On.

(PGL) I hear you, but I grew up on country and still like the old stuff today. So, shoot me, I’m from Texas, the birth of the Honky Tonks. And excuse me, I am not knocking rock and like songs like “That Old Time Rock and Roll.” I really like all kinds of music if it tells the right kind of story.

(LL) Exactly right. I still listen to my parent’s music also but I also listen to my kid’s music as well, they get me and know what I will like. It’s good to be well rounded when it comes to listening to music.

(PGL) I agree.

(LL) What was your inspiration for the Pritchard Pack Series?

(PGL) I am a vivid dreamer at night when I sleep. The minute I wake up I write down what the dream was about and go from there. I have actually trained myself to dream by concentrating on subject matters. It can be romance, action, mystery, etc. I let my dreams build my characters. Once I woke up believing I was walking under water and could still breath without diving gear. The Pritchard’s were born that way, but I’m sure it began with the television. My family and I were watching a documentary on wolves. That night I dreamed about them.

(LL) I really like Hawk the best and it is a toss-up between Preacher and Bandit when it comes to which one I like the least although that may change as I delve into The Pritchard Pack, book 3 in the series. Do you have a favorite and a least favorite character?

(PGL) Preacher is my favorite, not because he is a gentle soul, but because his brothers seem to take from him and leave him in a lesser position. I think that is why he is so hard on others around him. Oops, maybe I gave too much away.

My least favorite is the sub characters. They seem to be hell bent on destroying the Lycan nation.

(LL) You mentioned being from Texas and your books locations are in other states, have you ever been to those states? How did you come to choosing those locations?

(PGL) I’ve been in every state west of the Mississippi except for Alaska, which I would love to see and do some fly fishing. East of the Mississippi I have missed Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. I haven’t been to Hawaii either. Out of the fifty states, I’ve only missed out on thirteen. I’ve always wanted to see Maine in the fall and who know, maybe someday.

(LL) I know there are three books in the series, will there be more?

(PGL) There are five books in the series. Two are still in edit mode. The sixth is in mapping mode bringing the adventure to the now grown children of Hawk, Preacher, and Bandit.

(LL) If you did write a fourth book what do you think your storyline would be?

(PGL) You will soon be able to find out. It will be released when a few more tweaks are completed. I will tell you it deals with a very handsome cousin of the Pritchard brothers. Chance Tucker has already shown up helping the Pritchard’s out. Look for him in “Engineering Heart.”

It is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains with two very unlikely characters falling in love only after they set out to help each other. That is all I can say least I give too much away.

(LL) I know you like writing paranormal romances, is that also your favorite reading choice as well?

(PGL) I like reading anything I can get my hands on. So, if I’m sitting in an office waiting and all there is to read is trade manuals I will read them too.

I even read stories from friends that is going nowhere. They are great at writing, but bad at story telling. The trouble is, they refuse to read anything of mine until I am willing to put it in print for the world to see. I do lean toward romance because I believe in happy ever after. I also write inspirational romance. I know that is a high bounce between paranormal and inspiration, but then there are my short stories in western romance. In time, I hope to get all of them out on the market.

(LL) I love the happy ever after myself especially if the characters can suck me into the point where I can see the characters in my head, kind of like a motion picture, do you have a favorite book and/or author?

(PGL) Yes, I do, I enjoy reading Dean Koontz and my favorite book is Breathless. I know the reviews were mixed, but I laughed at the little creature who popped the top on a jar of hot peppers and chugged it down only to realize it lit his mouth on fire. Dean brought the creature so alive and made the event funny. I could see a human doing that and though it would be painful, I think I might still laugh at their eyes growing large with the realization they had made a huge mistake. I can relax reading Dean’s books and be entertained too.

(LL) Sounds like a book I should check out sometime when I want to get out of the box I usually choose my books from.

(PGL) I know we are living in the electronic age, but I love to visit the libraries when they have their book sales to make room for new ones. I can pick up some great books at great deals. When I’m done with them, I donate them to the local retirement community center. I love it that people in their late eighties and nineties still love to read.

(LL) Thank you for visiting with me today and I hope you will visit again.

About P. Gordan Lambs Books


Sara knew that she should not trust Glory. Since that fated day Glory turned on her when they were in high school. As an artist Sara had fought for her independence from man and woman. Now that independence is threatened by the past offering her monetary survival. Glory always needing attention had no idea she was about to lose the pack’s attention by bringing a human like herself home to meet the Alpha, the Beta, and the pack. Sara’s fate was sealed as she discovered the truth of the Lycan world. Her ability to paint from memory alerted the Lycans of her knowledge of them. Now she had to face the Alpha and make her case for survival. Sara now had to choose what was important, life, independence, or love. By the time she makes her decision the Alpha will be challenged by an Ancient and the whole packs survival becomes an issue including Sara’s.

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Steven Preacher Pritchard has left the Henderson Pack to help the Milan Pack track down and kill a Rogue Lycan. Preacher thought he was in love with Sara, his brother’s mate, but soon discovers the real love of his life. To get to her he has to side track the Alpha’s daughter who is determined to mate him. He also has to get past the Rogue who is determined to kill his new love. During the struggle it is discovered the Rogue as mutated a new form of Lycan that can bring the end to the Lycan community around the world.

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Our Visitor Today Is Lucy Felthouse

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had wonderfully Holidays, mine were quiet but busy, so I am a little behind but catching up. Our special guest today is Lucy Felthouse, this woman makes my being busy look like a cake walk at a school carnival, WOW.

(LL) Hello Lucy, welcome to Laura Lu’s Book Reviews, I am excited to visit with you. When I started working on question for this interview it was with the sole purpose of learning about Brit Boys: On Boys. By my research has found a very interestingly complex life of a woman who has her hand in a lot of different things that seem to center around writing. How do you manage your time with you have going on?

(LF) Hi Laura Lu, and thank you so much for having me on your site. It’s a pleasure to be here!

I manage my time by strictly prioritizing everything. As you’ve already seen, I do several jobs which make up my full time career—PR, marketing, web design, social media, editing, writing and some other things I’ve probably forgot to mention!

My paying clients must come first, as must the editing. I then manage my writing deadlines and special projects—like Brit Boys: On Boys—around this. Unfortunately this does mean that my writing usually has the lowest priority as it’s not guaranteed income, but if I’m efficient enough in other departments, I still get time to write. Somehow it all works out!

(LL) Do you have any spare moments for yourself, for unwinding from all of that?

(LF) Absolutely. I don’t work weekends—so that’s when I step away from work and the computer and have fun.

(LL) What is it like working with other Authors for an anthology like Brit Boys: On Boys?

(LF) Well in this case all of the authors were contacted directly and asked if they’d like to write something for the collection. So I already knew all of the people involved—in fact, I’ve met all but one of the authors in person and we all get along really well. It’s been great putting the collection together—it’s got a theme, but the eight stories are still all very different, which I love. It’s also been fantastic putting our heads together and coming up with promotional ideas, fun stuff for readers and much more!

(LL) Admittedly I am in the middle of reading Love on Location first so I can’t chose myself yet but which is your favorite besides your own of course?

(LF) I really enjoyed Ashe Barker’s Bodywork. The setting and plot are simple, and Ashe has pulled together a seriously sexy story with great characters. I think perhaps I identified with this story most as Ashe and I live the closest to each other geographically and the humour in her tale really resonated with me. And hey, who doesn’t love a sexy mechanic?

(LL) I like reading guy on guy action, especially if there is a woman sandwiched in there somewhere, how does a person go about writing those bedroom scenes? Do you have outside help for those or have you done research?

(LF) I started out writing M/F fiction, then moved to F/F, ménage and M/M. They’re all the same, really. All you’re changing is body parts—you have to make sure everything makes sense, is physically possible. And with same sex and multiple partners, you have to ensure it’s clear to the reader who is doing what to who! I think it just comes with practice.

(LL) I have read a few authors who need to practice even if I do like their work. So how much practice did you need?

(LF) I’m still practicing! I certainly hope I’m a better writer now than when I started out, but I also hope that I’m continuing to improve.

(LL) Is one of your favorite Authors sharing this anthology with you?

(LF) Yes—I really enjoy Lily Harlem’s books, no matter the pairing, and The Chase is no exception. It’s a super-hot M/M/M ménage tale!

(LL) One of my blog readers is interested in Locked Out by Josephine Myles so I think I will read that and The Chase next.

(LF) Sounds like a good plan to me!

(LL) How does an Author become part of anthology, and then how is the order of the stories decided?

(LF) It depends. Some publishers put out calls for submissions, inviting anyone to submit. But as I mentioned before, in this case, Lily and I (we’re co-managing the project) approached authors directly to submit. To make things fairest and easiest, we did everything using the alphabetical order with the authors’ surnames.

(LL) When I was looking at your web site you have a lot of books to your credit, I saw a few covers that I will have to go back and explore as future reads, do you have any favorites you would recommend?

(LF)It depends what genres you like to read, really. I’ve got erotica and erotic romance in there, both contemporary and paranormal, with lots of different pairings. My novels hold a special place in my heart, though. Stately Pleasures is a M/F/M ménage erotic romance tale with a curvy heroine, and Pack of Lies has both M/F and M/M pairings and is a paranormal mystery/thriller with erotic romance elements.

(LL) I find that I really get into M/F/M, M/F and M/M with the first one and the last one surprising me a bit as I didn’t think I was into such things.

(LF) I guess you don’t know unless you try 

(LL) Tell us about Erotica for All and your motivation for creating it.

(LF) I wanted somewhere to showcase my book reviews, to start with, and since I’ve always been enthusiastic about helping authors get the word out there about their work, the idea grew and grew into the site that I have now, which offers everything from guest blog spots to paid advertising.

(LL) I enjoy helping authors myself and always feel bad when I give negative feedback not matter how small, especially since it is in such a public venue, how do you deal that both from the reviewer and the author stand point?

(LF) From a reviewer standpoint, if I really don’t enjoy a book and can’t find anything positive to say, then I simply won’t review it. I’d much rather do that then write a review which isn’t true.

From an author standpoint, I take poor reviews with a pinch of salt. Reading is such a subjective thing—what one person loves, another can despise. And, unless one of my books had only bad reviews, then I’m okay with it. If a book had no positive reviews—then I’d have to ask myself where I’d gone wrong.

(LL) Awesome attitude about being reviewed I hope all my authors feel that way. Last question with everything you do in your career do you have a favorite part? And why is it your favorite?

(LF) My best part of everything I do is finding out that someone is enjoying my books. It never gets old 

(LL) Thank you for joining me today I always enjoy conversations and I hope will visit again in the future.

Our Special Guest Today Jenna Fox

Our visitor to day is Jenna Fox the author of Conceiving Evil and Sealed In Blood and she is here today to tell us about both and her unusual way of adding twists that make you think one way only to find out it is actually something else. She is a wonderful story teller and I look forward to reading many more of her amazing stories.

(LL) Hello, Jenna, thank you for joining us, I have enjoyed reading your books and have been eager to ask you about both.

(JF) Thank you so much for having me, Laura! I’m honored you like my books.

(LL) Has your family read your books?

(JF) Only my husband has read Sealed in Blood. My parents and other immediate family members do not know I write erotica. I’m from a very religious upbringing, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing this detail. When I top a huge category in sales or get a good review, I can’t share it with my family. I rely heavily on other authors and bloggers for moral support. It’s a lonely place to be sometimes.
(LL) I can imagine how hard that must be to keep things from your parents especially something that you love about yourself. Do you think you will ever write a book that you will share with them?

(JF) Yes, it is very hard, Laura. At times I feel so conflicted and I ask myself if I should be up front with them, but I haven’t yet. At this time I don’t think my family will ever read any of my books, especially with my characters engaging in pre marital sex, a strong religious belief my mother has.

(LL)What was your husband’s reaction to Sealed In Blood and will he read Conceiving Evil?

(JF) My husband hasn’t read Conceiving Evil, but when he read Sealed in Blood, he didn’t tell me until after he was finished. He was really surprised at the ending, which is the thing he liked most about the story. He thought the sex scenes were well done and the ‘twist’ threw him for a loop. Very rarely am I able to shock my husband, so I was tickled.

(LL) Which of your books do you like best? And Why?

(JF) My favorite is Conceiving Evil because I was able to mix all of my favorite elements of story telling (horror, romance, suspense) into one tale. Yes, Conceiving Evil is a short piece of fiction, but I worked my butt off to pack a lot into the story. I feel the characters were well developed, and all of the scenes moved the story along at a fast pace without cheating the reader.

(LL) What was your inspiration when you wrote Conceiving Evil?

(JF) My heavy religious upbringing was the only inspiration. I spent years studying Biblical end times prophecy. With the knowledge I gathered, I created my version of a hopeless world in the same way the Book of Revelation describes. The mark of the beast (micro chipping), the crash of the world

economy, a one world government. The appearance of a man who will save the world.

(LL) When I reviewed Conceiving Evil, I couldn’t help thinking it reminded me of Rosemary’s Baby but with a definite difference, because Abby knows she is in bed with the Devil on some level throughout the entire story. Have you ever seen the movie?

(JF) No, I haven’t seen the movie, but my mother saw it many years ago and she claimed it freaked her out, so I decided not to indulge. Now I’ll have to make it a point to find the movie and watch.

(LL) I recommend not watching it alone. I did the first time and it gave me some scary dreams and I love horror movies.

(JF) I’ll definitely remember that, Laura! Recently I watched The Conjuring and Annabelle. I loved them both, but besides those two movies, I normally watch slasher horror like Jason and Freddy. Sometimes I check out The Walking Dead.

(LL) The Devil has always been depicted as acting behind the scenes doing his thing in secret but you have Dorian (The Devil) basically out there front and center openly controlling and manipulating events, did you consciously change his M.O. to suit the story line or did that just happen by accident?

(JF) It was no accident, I planned the story in that way. I want my readers to keep turning the pages, and it’s precisely why I hide the full truth until the very last scene. It’s a strategy I use in most of my suspense books.

(LL) In one scene Abby asks Dorian is he is going to sleep with a woman if she is offered to him while he is in the Middle East and he said he would do what was necessary, did he? And did he deliberately leave her behind for that reason?

(JF) I wanted the reader to use their own imagination about Dorian taking another woman to bed. Everything Dorian Lincoln does has a purpose, and he has no weaknesses. He isn’t temped by the flesh and he’s in frightening control of everything.

(LL) According to the story line it was implied that Dorian and Abby hadn’t had sex and that he wanted them to wait, but that there was a lot of foreplay, was it because he was married or had they slept together earlier on only to stop while they waited for the night he impregnates her?

(JF) No, they never slept together. Dorian had a very important reason for waiting. The timing and place of their union had full purpose.

(LL) What was your inspiration when you wrote Sealed in Blood? This by the way is my favorite so far.

(JF) Sealed in Blood was my first novella. The storyline sat inside my mind for a long time. After I wrote a first draft, my writing partner critiqued it. She pointed out some holes in plot and other issues, so I had to turn around and completely rewrite. The rough draft was absolutely nothing like the finished product, it was much longer. The initial plot was horribly complicated, and my talented writing partner helped me hash through the issues. There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears in that book. If I hadn’t been so determined, it would never have made it past my hard drive.

(LL) When I got to the first bedroom scene and Hunt bit Charisma I was thinking he was a vampire or a werewolf since they are notorious for biting their mates so it was a surprise to find out that wasn’t it at all and then there was the whole room mate was the unknown sister thing that I didn’t see coming. You are very good at leading a person in one direction only to turn it around and make it something else, which shows how creative you are so how do you come up with these twist?

(JF) Thank you, Laura. As a reader, I love thrillers and suspense more than romance (I know, shame on me). I spent many months studying writing tactics for thriller and suspense. The whole premise behind Sealed in Blood was to take the reader on a ride, and actually I wanted Sealed to be a thriller instead of an erotic romance. I let every scene play out in my head for a long time, and I spent countless hours outlining, plotting and characterizing to purposefully plant misleading evidence. Lots of people tell me they were floored at the ending, so I guess I did my job. It’s nice to know all the nights I sat up at 3:00 AM working weren’t wasted.

(LL) I really like the new cover a lot, I think it represents the book more than the previous one did.

(JF) Yes, the new cover is hot and it is a better representation of the book. I specifically wanted the Las Vegas skyline included. Of course, the man’s torso is what I envisioned for Hunt Blackwater’s physique. Fit, cut and ‘gorgeous as a god’ the way Charisma described him.

(LL) Hunt is Native American and the curse pertains to the Trail of Tears did you do any research on the history for this book?

(JF) Yes I did. I researched the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which was put into action by President Andrew Jackson. The Trail of Tears shortly followed. A lot of innocents lost their lives on the trail. It was an utter tragedy. I don’t think any of us could fully understand the devastation those people endured.

(LL) There have been many tragic moments in Native American history that have had a lasting impacted on society. I am a big family history freak and have been doing a lot of research into Chief Joseph’s Band for some time. Do you have a favorite time period in history and do you think you will ever write and book based on that era?

(JF) I’m drawn to the Renaissance period, but the thought of writing something set in a different time intimates me because I’ve only lived in modern times. I won’t say I’ll never write something from another era, but at this time I don’t have plans to.

(LL) Which of your characters is your favorite? And do you think you will write more stories surrounding that character?

(JF) My favorite character is Hunt Blackwater. I’ve had readers tell me he was too much of an alpha, and too aloof. But I think a lot of dominating men are aloof, it’s just a personality trait. Although I feel I made up for Hunt’s bizarre personality at the end of the book. He loves his woman more than his own life, and I leave the reader with no doubts as to how he truly feels about Charisma. At this time I don’t have plans to write more about him.

(LL) Are you working on anything new?

(JF) I’ve signed a contract with a publisher on another story, Savannah Sins. A dark erotic romance with a horror theme. This week I began another rough draft on a military erotic romance, which I have no idea when I’ll be through it. At this point, the story and characters need to be more developed in my mind before I take it a step further.

(LL)I look forward to reading them when you are finished. Is there anything you would like to tell your fans that they don’t know about you?

(JF) Thank you, Laura, for having me. I’d just like to say that everybody who has read this interview already knows my only secret. I write erotica.

(LL) Your welcome and thank you for visiting with me I hope we have a few more chats in the future as I am always in search of a good conversation.

Our Special Guest Of The Day Nicola Italia Is Here To Tell Us About Her New Book The Sheik’s Son :)

Please welcome our special guest, Nicola Italia, she is visiting to tell us about her new book The Sheik’s Son.

LL: Hello Nicola, it is nice to meet you. I have read the blurbs for The Sheik’s Son and noticed that it was connected to The Sheik and the Slave so I read the blurb for that book as well, both sound very interesting and now I have an additional book to add to my wish list, thank you.

LL: When exploring your books I noticed they were all three published this year, how long did it take you to write them?

NI: Hello Laura. I’m pleased to meet you and discuss my work. “The Sheik and the Slave” actually started as chapters on a website dedicated to romance and erotic stories. So from start to finish “The Sheik” was almost 10 years in the making.

That’s not to say I was sitting at my computer typing non stop for ten years. J But I did start writing it in 2004 and published in February of 2014.

The Tea Plantation had been chapters on my blog but not complete. So finishing the entire book took about four months.

The Sheik’s Son was four months.

LL: Which one is your favorite?

NI: I would have to say “The Sheik and the Slave” for so many reasons. It really set me on the course of becoming a writer and having people say before it was published “you should publish” and “I would definitely buy this book” from fans which helped support me when I was doubting myself. Because of it, I quit my job to follow my dream of writing which is scary but also liberating and exciting.

LL: What was your Family’s reaction to your quitting your job?

NI: My family and close friends wanted me to be happy. I’m a creative person and the job I had at the time was not stimulating and writing is all about creating characters and places so I receive a lot of joy from it.

LL: Have your family read your books? Do they have favorites?

NI: My mother has read both novels and I don’t think she has a favorite. I banned my 91 year old Grandmother from reading “The Sheik.” I told her it was too sexy. J

LL: LOL How did your Grandmother take being banned from your books?

NI: I am very close to my Grandmother and my Mother read it first and agreed with me and told her she couldn’t read it. I mean all joking aside, “The Sheik” is very sexy and has a lot going on sexually –so I think Grandi was fine with it.

LL: Grandmothers are truly special women 🙂

NI: Absolutely.

LL: Should we read The Sheik and the Slave first?

NI: “The Sheik” and “The Sheik’s Son” are stand alone books. I made them that way. I had several fans mention that they wanted the story to continue so that was why I wrote #3. But you are quite fine reading one or the other and not in any order. But “The Sheik” is very sexual so if readers want a tamer romance I would recommend my other two novels.

LL: Based on the blurbs I am guessing that Sebastian Fairfax is the son of the Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid and Katherine Fairfax, correct?

NI: Yes. He is their first and only son. He goes by his mother’s maiden name while living in France.

LL: How many children did the Sheik and Katherine have? And did he have other children with his harem?

NI: Mohammed and Kat have a total of four children, one boy and three girls. Mohammed had a first wife named Yasmeen who gave him two daughters. There are no other children.

LL: LOL poor Sebastian, all those sisters to keep him inline 😉

NI: Indeed. As my readers will see, Leila, the baby sister, joins him in France and she gets into some trouble.

LL: With Christmas coming I can’t help it, I have to ask which one has you more excited, the book release or Christmas?

NI: I do enjoy Christmas and I think it’s a lovely time of year but this is so exciting for me to have #3 about to be released. A year ago I had no books published and now I have 3. I am so pleased about that.

LL: Will there be other books for this Saga? If so how soon before the next one is published?

NI: Yes. My fourth novel which I am writing now is about the middle daughter of Mohammed and Katharine named Isabelle. She is living in France right before the start of the French Revolution. I am looking at March for a release date.

LL: How much historical research did you need to do for your books?

NI: I take my research extremely serious. In fact, I enjoy the research because I always learn something new with each book. I look up and research everything to make sure I get things correct for example when was coffee invented, what did they smoke back then i.e. tobacco, what sort of lanterns were used for light, type of quill pens etc. I take great care in clothing descriptions to make certain I have the correct dress, undergarments, shoes and hats.
Pinterest is helpful so I can see how the clothes drape the body and what they look like.

LL: I am a bit of a history buff so I understand enjoying the research; my current obsession is the Sugar House Prison during the Revolutionary War. One of my ancestors was captured during the Battle of Fort Washington and place in that prison. What was your most memorable or favorite find? And did you share that in any of your books?

NI: That is fascinating that you have traced your ancestor back to the Revolutionary War!

I learned a lot about the Arab culture with “The Sheik” but I think the research for “The Tea Plantation” was very interesting. I learned about the people that inhabit the island which are the Tamils and the Sinhalese.
Writing about Sri Lanka (then 1880s Ceylon) I tried to place as much color as I could so I read a lot and watched videos and all of that went into my book to create a rich sense of Ceylon/Sri Lanka.
LL: That was just one of many lines I have tracked but at the moment it is my favorite. 20 years ago my husband’s Grandmother felt I needed a hobby so she tricked me into do genealogy and I have been meddling in it ever since, which is fine since I love history.

I really like historical fiction where the author is willing to take the time to do the research to fill out the characters and the places that they write about.

NI: I think genealogy would take a lot of time and patience but extremely rewarding.
As an author of historical romance, I owe it to my readers who pay for my books to give them the best product possible. Therefore everything that goes into my novels – research, editing, cover artwork – is done with care and precision.

LL: Is there anything else about yourself or your books that you would like to share with your fans?

NI: I love to hear from my fans and readers and they can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. It is a pleasure to create these worlds and characters and I hope that readers enjoy them.

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LL: Thank you for coming to visit and for sharing this awesome excerpt (below), and I am looking forward to reading your books.

NI: Thank you Laura.

Excerpt from The Sheik’s Son

The concert was lovely and her father’s private box made it more enjoyable and intimate than sitting below with everyone jostling and moving about. She had begrudgingly introduced Sebastian to her father and grandmother as they seemed to travel in the same circles and he had a private box next to their own.
Sebastian had bowed slightly at the introduction and her father had smiled at the young man. He knew he was the secretary to the duke, who was also the British ambassador to France, and both were useful men to know.
Midway through the concert Sophie felt her corset biting into her. She was uncomfortable and needed to walk a bit to release the tension. She whispered to Lizette that she would get some air and quietly left the box to walk along the corridor.
The building itself was large and as she moved about she saw no one else. She could hear the music

inside the theater and she closed her eyes. It was such a lovely composition. Handel was one of her favorite composers.
Sophie found herself outside in the brisk air walking along the pillars and saw the carriage drivers outside, with their horses congregating with each other and smoking. She had left her hooded cloak inside, and shivered as the air had turned cold. She turned back inside and walked accidentally into the small cloakroom. It was not attended and not well lit, except for one small candle on a wooden table.
“Are you lost?” Sebastian asked, coming in behind her.
Sophie sighed. Turning to him she asked, “Are you following me?”
“I was outside smoking and have now come back inside to rejoin my party,” Sebastian shrugged and explained. “Nothing more.”
He looked impeccably dressed in a deep blue coat with silver embroidery along the cuffs, pockets and along the collar. His breeches were also blue but with no adornment and his white hose and black shoes were simple, while his hair was clubbed back. Sophie thought he looked more handsome than those men who dandied themselves up in silk and satins but would never had told him so.
“No, I’m not lost. I was taking some air.” She tried to be polite.
“I’ll return you to your party, then,” he said graciously.
“No thank you.” She went to move past him in the small cloakroom.
“It’s my duty,” he said simply.
Sophie stopped. “I see. You kiss an unwilling woman and flirt when it isn’t wanted. Now you are the perfect gentleman escorting me back to my family because it’s your duty?”
“You were unwilling, mademoiselle?” He smiled.
“Of course,” Sophie assured him.
“So if you suspected I was going to kiss you now, what then?” He advanced upon her, backing her up against the cloakroom wall.
“I would say, ‘No thank you, you don’t interest me.’” Sophie’s heart was pounding.
“I don’t interest you?” Sebastian asked, his brown eyes so dark in the low light.
“Not in the least.” Sophie’s hazel eyes seemed almost green.

“I know this may shock you, Monsieur Fairfax, but I have no interest in being one of your Devil’s notches,” she returned. He knew she spoke of the nickname, Dorset’s Devils, which the scandal sheets had given to him and his friends after the duke’s notorious and flagrant associations had became known.
“Notches, mademoiselle?” Sebastian asked innocently.
“Yes, notches, monsieur.” Sophie swallowed lightly as she felt the wall behind her.
“What is a notch?” he asked again.
“You know very well.”
He had her pinned against the wall. “Notches…” he asked her, his head dipping to touch her ear and his hands framed either side of her head, “…as in a sexual conquest?”
Sophie felt her heart pounding as she pressed her hands against his chest to separate them. “I know about you. I know about your friends and your liaisons. If you think to add me to them, you’re sadly mistaken.”
“You think I want to add you to my…?” he asked, letting the question hang there.
“Liaisons,” she finished for him.
There was a beat of silence and then he said, “I do.”
With that his mouth dipped to find hers and found the taste of champagne and innocence on her lush lips. He almost groaned. She was sweet and lovely and he wanted to kiss her breasts and pull her into him.
Sophie had known this was going to happen. The minute she had come upon him she should have turned the other way. She would never be alone with him again. But as his mouth touched hers and his dangerous tongue met hers, it was too much. She wanted to pull her arms around his neck and at the same time, she wanted to scratch his eyes out.
She felt herself warm and wet between her legs and wanted him to pull her to him and do everything that wasn’t allowed. It was maddening. She knew this wasn’t right. She knew she should stop him. She wanted to stop him but didn’t.
Sebastian could feel himself harden with desire. It was as if she had lit a flame inside him and only she would do. He didn’t want any other woman. Only this auburn haired beauty—this little witch—would do.
She pushed away from him but he lightly pulled her arm back to him. “Sophie.”
“I don’t want you. I don’t like you,” she told him as she brushed her fingers across her lips to remove any trace of him. Her face was flushed and her lips were bruised.
“Don’t pretend there’s nothing between us.”
“I’m a respectable woman. When the time comes I will marry. I’m not a dalliance for you to spend several hours a week with and then go on with your life.” He thought several hours a day would be more like it, but instead said, “You’re speaking of a mistress.”
“Yes. That’s not me,” Sophie said. “Paris is many things, but it seems constancy isn’t one of them.”
“If that wasn’t enough, I don’t like the way you think about women. That we are only chattel and nothing more.”
“I never said—”
“You did last time we met. I understand men like the chase. I’m not to be chased. I will make certain that we are never alone again. I’m telling you. Find someone else. You’re wasting your time with me.”
Sebastian watched her leave and realized something inside him was changing. He knew she felt something in his arms and he would have her. He wanted nothing more than to press her against the cloaks inside the room and feel her legs wrap around him.
He could already hear her moan and sigh in his ear as he pressed himself inside her. He grabbed his great overcoat and pulled it on as he made his way outside. He had a visit to make.

The Sheik’s Son blurb:
Mysterious Sebastian Fairfax lives a life of ease as secretary to the British Ambassador in France. Living in Paris before the revolution, the handsome foreigner cuts a dashing figure and is respected by men, admired by women.

One evening, he becomes intrigued with an intelligent young woman named Sophie Gauvreau, whom he meets at a celebrated salonist’s home. Though the auburn-haired beauty attracts his attention, she is not what she seems. Educated and privileged Sophie has secretly started writing revolutionary pamphlets under a seudonym as France teeters on the brink of disaster.

When Sebastian discovers her true identity, he tries to warn Sophie of the danger she has embarked on, as an Inspector has been dispatched to discover the writer’s true identity. Sebastian agrees to marry the reckless beauty to keep her safe from harm.

Though Sebastian desires the redhead in his bed, the saucy Sophie accepts his help but places one condition on their marriage…it will be one of convenience.

As the two intelligent and strong willed people come to terms with their feelings for each other, France slides into a revolution. As the firstborn son of a great Arabian Sheik, Sebastian will do what he must to keep his wife safe and in his arms.

The Sheik and the Slave blurb:
Katharine Fairfax is a high bred lady who enjoys a privileged life as the youngest daughter of Lord Fairfax. But when she rebuffs an older man’s insulting proposition of becoming his mistress the man decides to exact a most frightening revenge.

Katharine is kidnapped from her comfortable home and family in England and taken to Arabia where she is sold to a powerful sheik.

Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid is captivated by Katharine from the first moment she is brought into his audience chambers by two Arab pirates. He pays an outrageous sum for her and intends the white woman to join his harem.

But Katharine demands to return home. When the sheik denies this request – a clash of wills begins.

While each struggle with their emotions, Katharine falls under the Arab’s spell in a world of sand and heat. Mohammed is equally bewitched and decides that he will have no other woman but Katharine and ultimately disbands his harem to start a new life with her.

But there is someone within the sheik’s palace who does not want Katharine as Mohammed’s wife and will stop at nothing to tear the two apart.

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