I am so tired of people spouting that everything that goes against the jab is misinformation so I decided to ask more questions of those who believe it is misinformation.

I know, I know I am doing this yet again. I think the reason is that for me these Covid “Mandates” are so horribly wrong.

What IS Normal?

I have some honest to goodness questions and I would like some honest to goodness answers.

How is it that social media is the cause of all the misinformation when a lot of what is posted are real stories from real people?

How is it misinformation when a mother tells us (I know this story to be true) that her son died in the hospital then was told he died of Covid only to have a coroner tell her he did not die of Covid? They showed the coroner report to the hospital who refused to changed the cause of death. Who is spouting misinformation there, the parent or the hospital?

They say the Vaccines are safe oh but there are proven risks, yet our government is demanding we all get the jab. How is that misinformation?

How is being forced to take an experimental drug with unknown long term…

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These Mandates Set A Bad Precedent

Another post I feel I need to share on both of my blogs. I can not believe it has come to this in our Country, especially hind sight being 20/20 and the way history likes to repeat itself. I wonder if my next post on the subject will be on US citizens in detentions camps because we refused the vaccines.

What IS Normal?

If falling in line with these mandates means we keep our jobs and not falling in line means we lose our jobs, then we are surely in trouble. Because then we open the door to the Government using it again in the future to manipulate us by threatening ours jobs, our children’s jobs or even our grandchildren’s jobs.

Employers falling in line with theses mandates are saying it is OKAY for the Government to manipulate them and their employees’ lively hoods to get what the Government wants.

If we don’t stand up and say “NO” then the future generations could potentially be subjected to this kind of blackmail and manipulation and that is truly NOT OKAY.

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How Dare You, President Biden, Vice President Harris and Governor Brown

I don’t make it a habit of sharing what I write from one blog to the other but in this instance I feel it is necessary, because if we say nothing then this moment in history could potentially change the direction of our country to a direction that none of us would like.

What IS Normal?

How dare you take away my right to chose what I do with my body. After years of being told it is my body and no body has a right to do anything to it except me. Now you are basically saying it’s all a lie and I have to get a shot when I chose to go with natural immunity to Covid. How dare you violate me in this way?

How dare you make a unilateral decision about my life when we don’t even know what the long-term effects of these vaccines truly are. Those taking the vaccines could have issues further down the road in the future we don’t know about.

How dare you threaten to punish me with the loss of my job if I don’t march to your tune there by violating my person beliefs. I have the right to believe that these vaccines are not…

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Shanny’s Run/Walk is a go.
There are 2 registration links. One for the in-person fun and one for the virtual run.
With Covid still a factor in our lives we are striving to do our part but still make Shanny’s Run/Walk happen.
The In-Person Run/Walk will be on Saturday, June 26, 2021
Link to In-Person Run/Walk registration:

The Virtual Run time frame will begin June 1, 2021 and end on June 30, 2021
Link to Virtual Run/Walk:

Reading APPs Are Not Worth The Time

While surfing through Facebook I have noticed these stories and I have checked them out but you get to the end of the teaser and to finish the book you need a reading APP like Dreame or iReader. So, I checked them out, why not? I have nothing better to do with my free time. I get into a few chapters and I have to “recharge” in other words purchase the app’s coins to continue the story and support the author of the story.

I get supporting the author, it’s why I write reviews and purchase books (especially from my favorite authors). But I don’t get why I should pay more to read a badly edited book than I would for an edited book from one of my favorite authors. Don’t get me wrong, some of the story lines are pretty cool and I think they could make money on them in a more legitimate manner, if they take the time to either edit them or find someone to help them with edits. In fact, when I see those stories on Facebook I do check to see if they been published and are a available in e-book form. I found 2 but, they were very over priced $9 each and very poorly edited just like the APP version, it’s a shame because they have potential.

The APP’s like the above mentions are not even worth the download time and I certainly am not willing to spend money again on any of these apps. Especially, when I have to spend the APP coin a second time on a chapter, I have already read but wanted to go back to for clarification on something. I will just WAIT and see if the authors actually edit and publishes their books, then I will be happy to consider purchasing and reviewing their books, because some of them have some real potential and may be worth it. I am just not willing to ripped off on an unedited, disorganized story from those apps when I can spend my hard-earned money on a decently written e-book by authors who care about how their stories are received by the public and want to earn an honest living.

Heaving Bosoms

Last week I was talking with my oldest daughter and she was telling me about how her and her ex-husband like drinking wine and reading my reviews. She was flabbergasted when I told her that the book, I just finished, had no sex scenes. Apparently, she did not realize that I read more than just “book porn” and she then went on about “heaving bosoms” and I have to tell you I was rather confused because I have never ever read the words ‘heaving bosoms” in any book I have ever read. This conversation went on for several minutes and she really wanted to see me post a review with the words “heaving bosoms” but this will be as close as she will get to me ever using that phrase again, especially, since I am still laughing about the conversation and I don’t think I will ever be able to write it again without laughing.

Happy Reading

Stuck at Home

Happy Thursday Everyone

As we stay at home wondering what is going to happen next and looking for things to pass the time, I thought I would share a few links where you can sign up to receive list of books that are either on sale for really cheap or even free. Since free is always a good thing on a dwindling budget I thought these would be helpful sites. Mostly they are site for signing up for mailing list but a few are normal site with links to free or really inexpensive books.


Digital Book Today


Book Shark

I Love Vampire Novels

The are several genres and I have even come across some kids books for my grandkids so I hope you find these links useful.

If you know of and other such sites please post a comment sharing those sites

Happy Reading

2019 In Review

It is time for my end of the year wrap up and since GoodReads and Nintendo were kind enough to wrap up 2019 for me, I thought I would share both with you.
I bet you are all surprised that I even own a gaming system but I do, actually I own a Switch and a 3DS. I used to play a lot of Nintendo as a teenager but kind of out grew it, only playing when my son invited me to play. Then Shanny was killed and I started struggling with a lot of different things so my son handed me his 3DS with a game called Fire Emblem Awakening and I got hooked and it helped me deal with large groups of people playing those games while talking to people. Now I have my own 3DS and a Switch both of which go with me everywhere. When we come up on anything while driving somewhere, they take my focus off the road so I can get through it and in large groups I can be involved but not. Weird right?
Ok enough of that, back to my year in books and video games.
My Year In Books According To GoodReads
My reading goal this year was 20 books but I fell short of that goal by 4 books
I read 16 books equaling 2,226 pages😊 at least I got to read something.
The shortest book I read was Impossible by Allyson Young which also happened to be the least popular book this year with only 16 readers in total.
The longest book I read was Black Hills Angel at 395 pages and probably the most boring book I read all year.
The most popular book I read on Good Reads this year was Cowboy Heat by Sable Hunter with 8,054 readers, I can see why as it is one of my favorite reads (I think I have read 4 or 5 times). It truly is an amazing story.
My average review rating was 3.4 stars
The highest rated book on GoodReads that I read this year was RNWMP: Bride for Joel by Amelia C. Adams
My first review of the year was on Stephanie’s Homecoming by Debbie Bailey, I gave it 4 stars
My last book of the year that received only 1 star was Stony Creek Cowboy by Taylor Berke.
I read one book by my all time favorite author that I am sure I will read again, that book was The Gorison Traveler Incident (Veslor Mates #1) by Laurann Dohner.
Even though I did not reach my reading goal I still had a pretty good year in books and am looking forward to more books in 2020.
My Year In Nintendo according to Nintendo
According to Nintendo I am a Nintendo loyalist based on how I play…. Very cool.
The games I played the most, out of the 6 I actually played, in order were Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Fire Emblem Warriors and Spyro.
I logged 449 hours of playing time most of that taking place in August and September.
I earned 486 gold points that now have to figure what to do with because I am sure I can not transfer them to my son
In addition to reading and video games I logged an hour or two of crocheting and many, many hours at the dreaded day job and or sleeping. I also logged 2 weeks recovering from 2 surgeries at once (yes, I requested to have them both done at once and yes, I am a little crazy).
 I was constantly behind in posting book tours and writing reviews, so I spent many weekends playing catch up.
Over all I have to say I didn’t get everything I wanted done, done but I gave it my best efforts.
In 2020 I will work hard to reach my reading goal and keep up with posting book tours and I would really love to do virtual interviews some authors. I would also like to finish the blanket I started to crochet and finish the diamond painting project I started 2 years ago. I also thinking it would be cool to beat my gaming records from this year, so wish me luck as I wish you luck for your goals.
Happy Reading

Hello Readers

I want to apologize for not getting all my posts out this week, I ate something on Monday (While on the way home from Arizona) that didn’t settle well and had me hitting every rest stop and gas station on the route home. It sufficiently kicked my ass that I wound up sleeping when I wasn’t working over the last few days. I am finally feeling better and will getting as much done as I can including the review I had been working on last weekend.

Happy Reading 

Thoughts and Updates

Hello Fellow Readers

I have been thinking a lot about my blog and what I have been doing with it lately and realized that with more and more tours to post that I want to create a separate page for them so that they have their own space and reviews will have their own space, kind of like newspaper sections. In addition, with all these tours so they get the focus I think they deserve, I am contemplating doing away with the daily release posts and only posting them when asked. I am not sure about it yet, I may just give them a section to.

I think I am sharing this for feed back and advice because changes like these can come with issues and outside opinions and advice may help me with the planning and transition.

The Day Shanny Died July 8, 2015

Shanny showing us the proper way to salute

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years, it feels more like a lifetime since I last heard Shanny’s voice and yet it seems like the nightmare has just started. Every day I wish I could wake up from the nightmare to a happy smiling/laughing Shanny pushing me out the door to get a Dutch Bros coffee.

On July 8 2015 Jerod (my son) and I picked her up at from the airport at 8:50AM from there we proceeded to find the closet Dutch Bros so she could get her favorite coffee. She and Jerod each ordered an annihilator while I ordered a caramelizer, she was so excited and was Snap chatting everything as we went, including the fact that we got lost in Portland with the help of GPS. It took us nearly 2 hours to find our way back to a highway that would get us to Forest Grove in time to have lunch with my husband, Doug. We did make to Doug’s work by 11:30 for his lunch break.

Doug was expected home by 5 and her 3 best friends were going to be over at the same time and in the meantime, she was going to go run some errands with her friend Jake. Jake picked her up at around 12:30/1:00, I was washing my Jeep so she could drive it during the week. 2 of the girls showed up early and were waiting and Doug was home by 5 as expected. At about 5:15 pm the Fire Departments air-raid siren

(that’s what I call it) went off indicating that something was going on, about this time, my daughter Kara showed up and the sirens from the emergency responders were loud and still going on. My daughter checked YAMCO Watch and learned there was an accident on Meadow Lake and Westside. By this time, we had started blowing up Shanny’s phone asking her where she was because Shanny would not be late without calling.

We figured that her and Jake had gotten caught in the traffic jam and would be a while and that Shanny had not answered her phone because the battery had died. At one-point Kara said one of the cars was red and I knew Jake’s car was red and I got to thinking that if it was them then they might need a ride and should go down and check on them and if they were just sitting in traffic I would go find her. The 2 girls decided to come with while Doug and Kara opted to wait incase she came home, they would call.

Shanny’s first track meet

The three of us hoped in the car and head for Meadow Lake only to discover it was barricaded and the person who was watching it directed us to Chief Graven at another barricade when we explained what we were trying to do. Chief Graven knew who Shanny was but didn’t know she had come home but when I explained and told him what we were thinking he radioed for someone to relieve him so he could back down to the accident, telling us to stay where we were. We also continued in our task of trying to get Shanny to answer her phone.

Chief Graven came back up with a Yamhill County Officer who asked me a few questions and told us to keep trying to reach Shanny and Jake before going back down to the intersection where the crash was at. We sat there for nearly 2 hours before they came back and pulled me from the car. I remember saying “your going to tell me something I won’t like aren’t you?” They showed me Shanny’s Military ID and her Drivers license and told me she died, about this time the girls were running straight for me because they had just

Shanny’s new car

been told too.

My head went into overdrive and I knew I had to get to Doug and tell him, as we came down our street I saw that the number of people at my house had grown because my father-in-law and my sister-in-law were there. I could hear them all screaming from 2 blocks away, they had been outside waiting. I went straight to Doug who had been lying down in our room. I remember yelling at my father-in-law to get the hell out of my way and out of my room because he was blocking my path to Doug.

We wanted to go down to the crash sight and had gotten ready to do just that when the victim liaison person and some of my neighbors told us we shouldn’t and stopped us halfway towards the door. From there everything becomes a blur of snippets of things. I remember bits and pieces of things, I lived in a fog for over 6 months and sometimes that very fog takes over. She had only been home for 8 hours and her sister and other family members hadn’t even gotten to see her yet.

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Carlton Fun Days and Shanny’s Run 2018

We had a very fun and yet incredibly busy weekend. With setting up the booth for Almost Better Than Crayons and Paper and getting everything together for Shanny’s Run. I made 6 runs into McMinnville for last minute things and last last minute things, including the candy for the parade. Everything went like clock work.

Shanny’s Run had 27 runners this year and sold a few t-shirts with all the proceeds going to the Shanny Foundation. Our sponsors were a great help in getting those t-shirts of which we still have a few for sell. I have already started planning for next years run.

Doug’s booth for Almost Better Than Crayons and Paper did well this year with 50% of his sells going to the Shanny Foundation. Doug had a lot of fun visiting with people and learning more as he talked art with others. I got to sit and watch him do his thing, and train our puppy, Trip, on proper etiquette in a park.

All in all a great weekend in a great community with amazing people.


I have been thinking about what to say for a few weeks now that everything is officially finished that pertains to the death of my daughter Shanny. She is always in my thoughts every day, and I visit her memorial as often as I can when the weather allows. I dust her urn regularly and I hug it often. The fits of crying are not as regular but they are still there because the pain gets to be more than I can handle but I still wake up and take care of the family I love more than anything, but things are not settled in my head or heart because I have more questions than I have answers. I know I will undoubtedly never have those answers but the thing is they just won’t go away; so maybe if I ask them like this maybe it will settle my mind and heart for a while because asking them out loud makes me so angry and hurt that functioning becomes a daily fight until I can work through it (it’s a horrible circle to be caught in). I know I am asking a lot venting this here so thank you for letting me for those who read this and I am sorry to those who just don’t want to know or care.

I read all of the police reports, now that we are ALLOWED to see them, seems to me the victims should be allowed to have access to them during the process so they can know when they are being snow balled by those that are supposedly fighting for them and to also make informed decisions and question why certain things were done or in our case NOT done. For example, according to the police reports no citations were issued to Kevin Milanez-Gomez, no MIP, DUII, not even for reckless driving or plowing through the stop sign citation (He didn’t even have a license or a permit to drive). Why would the Yamhill County Sheriff’s office fail to do such an important task when fatalities were involved? Then there is the question of which idiot from the same Sheriff’s office made the decision to recall the accident re-enactment team? Which could have been used as evidence against Kevin and his accomplice Dianna Muniz, ensuring a Measure 11 sentence. How could the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office drop the ball so badly that my daughter’s killer only gets 6.3 years (and he probably won’t even serve the full sentence) for her death AND the death of her friend Jake? How?
My next questions are for the D. A.s office and Yamhill County. Was it okay for the D. A., Brad Berry, himself to promise he would not settle for anything less that a Measure 11 sentence? Then turn around a piss backwards on the victims in the case by allowing his minion D. D. A. Alicia Eagan to settle for a much lesser charge. He promised a room full of us that he would have the case go to trial before settling for anything less than a Measure 11 sentence. Is it also okay for the D. D. A. Alicia Eagan to stand up in open court and lie to a Judge and a court room full of hurting people who loved Shanny by saying she had no evidence. She had the drug test results that proved that he was high and he had admitted to smoking a joint before ever leaving his home, but she claimed Oregon did not have a legal limit (We will get to that shortly) and the result would be set aside in court, which to  my mind made her all bark and know bite because she bragged about how she could get a Measure 11 conviction in a trial. She didn’t even try to fight for us, what does that say about her? All she cared about was her robot club and her trophy.
The question we have for the State of Oregon is very simple, the law makers knew when the stupid Pot Smoking law, that never should have been voted in, was going to go into effect, why weren’t they prepared? Why didn’t they set a legal limit for the state before the law from hell went into effect? WHY? Most states that have legalized pot have a legal limit of 5ng, so again why wasn’t Oregon proactive? It would have helped when the D. A.’s office didn’t want to make precedent in a court room. How am I to have faith in my elected officials when they have failed us by not doing what they should have done before it was too late?
The other question, I have asked myself is where were Kevin and Dianna’s parents in all this? I do hold them just culpable in this as their children. I think that says it all, especially when we were being harassed on social media while we were mourning and wanting justice.
For the record we do believe that Dianna Muniz is an accessory in the death of our Shanny and her friend Jake (even though the state says she is a victim, she was in a car with an unlicensed person who supposedly took said car without permission), because one witness said that as she was driving behind them she could see that there was something going on in the car in front of her but was unsure about what exactly. Then there is the fact the we heard that the Grand Jury felt she was lying to them and according to the police she would not talk to them without a lawyer, really? If she were truly an innocent person in all of this then she would have told the truth. And to add insult to injury she is still using pot according to her Facebook page and Instagram, did she not learn anything from hers and Kevin’s bad choices? Just from that information, alone I feel like Dianna could careless about what she and Kevin had done to my daughter and Jake because she didn’t have any consequences for her actions.
Where am I now? Well, I can’t stand hearing sirens any more, to many sirens and I go to pieces and functioning is next to impossible. Accidents on the road and I turn around and go home unless someone is with me. I also have a growing anxiety about driving, especially if I am alone in the car, that I wondered I how I managed to stay a bus driver while my son finished high school. This has not been easy on anyone in my family, we are all affected but I can only share how it has affected me because putting everyone’s pain into words would not be right because that is theirs to tell. But for me, no words could ever truly do just to the hell that Kevin and Dianna have forced upon us and everyday it is a fight for me to get out of bed to face another day without one of my precious babies.
I talk about it, mostly because people tell me I need to talk about it; but I don’t think it solves anything, it won’t stop the anxiety caused every time I hear sirens or whenever I have to drive some where by myself or when we prepare to leave for a trip or vacation. It won’s stop the feeling that something (more like someone) is missing at every holiday and family gathering or the sadness that is ever present in our daily lives (even during happy moments) and it most certainly won’t bring Shanny back to us. But, who knows maybe some day some one will listen and someday it will stop the system from failing another victimized family.
If you read this thank you for listening, so to speak.
Kevin’s Test Results
Part of police report which was 99 pages but whats funny is the parts of the report that I received from another source are not part of  the reports I got from the Yamhill County Sheriffs Office
This what happened to Shanny and Jake according to the Police Report
Witness account
Part of the warrant that list the charges
Police report pertaining to the marijuana that Kevin had on him
Second Witness