Book Ratings

☆☆☆☆☆I am so reading this book again 🙂
☆☆☆☆I liked this book but most likely wont read it again
☆☆☆This book was ok/Needs a few edits
☆☆I didn’t care for this book/needs more than a few edits
☆I didn’t finish this book/has way too many edits/hate it
(Please note that the author is always welcome to send me a re-edited version for an updated review)

What the writer can expect from now on.

1)  I will always be brutally honest

2) I have 4 to 6 month some times longer to complete a book (I have several request)

3) Once I have started the book if by the third month I have not progressed past the fourth chapter, whether I am ready to concede on not the book will be added to my “UnFinished Books” page.

4) If I complete 50% or more of the book before get to the point where I can not get past a certain point I will write the review based on what I ready and explain why I was unable to finish the story as well as add it to the “UnFinished Books” page.

5) I can’t promise to not use inappropriate words so I will apologize now because they will sometimes sneak into a review.

6) I will share my reviews where ever I can and if you happen to know of a great place for me to share my reviews feel free to share it with me. My email is booksbinger@gmail.com

7) I don’t do reviews on request in July and the week of December 22 (this one may extend to a two to three week time frame), I apologize for this and I have an explanation for it if asked.

Where I share a copy of my review
I will only share the main body of my reviews on these sites and I do share the link to the original review where it is allowed.


Where I share links to my review

Additional links
Amazon – This link connects to my Amazon Profile page. Links to my reviews can be found here.

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