Suzy: The Diary of a Trainee Submissive by Erryn Rionach & Alicia Cole


September 22nd 2014
Dark Hollows Press, LLC

I was given this book for an honest review by Dark Hollows Press

Susanne MacSween is a boutique owner who has been let down before by others. When she meets Vincent Dubois at a party, she thinks the account will be boring but he is hot and she goes out with him. When he asks her to be his Sub she is resistant until she researches the life style.

Vincent Dubois the accountant Dom asks Suzy to be his sub. The first thing he tells her to do is start a diary which she reluctantly does.

The story chronicles the BDSM training that Vincent puts Suzy through from her perspective, so it was all about her and her feels and thoughts, with little or no hints about what Vincent may or may not be feeling. The authors did a great job of bringing Suzy’s feeling to life and I really did want to rip the dinner guest face clean off and feed it to him for being a cruel, insensitive jerk. I found the cruelty he displayed a bit disconcerting and I believe that it stems from the fact that every other book I have read never showed this and as I have never really studied this life style my knowledge is limited, that being said, I would have dumped his sorry ass for that dinner stunt. I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it for both the pleasure of a good book and the insight that it brought to a different aspect of DBSM.

The book is very well written and rather short; I had it finished in about four hours, with no errors until closer to the end where I found two spots where the wrong word was put into the sentence.

Books Cover Rating
I think the cover fit’s this book as a journal cover. If I were to buy this book off the shelf I could actually picture it looking exactly like a diary or journal with the little ribbon book mark and all.

Book’s Blurb Rating
Is well written and had me curious to read the book even though it is not generally the type of book I choose to read since I am not crazy about first person stories.

Book’s Blurb
Susanne MacSween is a confident, successful single woman living in New York City, who feels as if something is missing in her life. After a chance meeting with the darkly handsome Dom Vincent Dubois, she agrees to train as his submissive.

The first task her Dom sets for her takes her by surprise and makes her feel uneasy. Vincent orders her to keep a diary of her thoughts and feelings as she embarks on her journey, even though she’d rather endure any kind of punishment rather than expose her true feelings to her new Master. Performing the physical aspects of her training is the easy part for Suzy, but exposing her true feelings and vulnerability is much more difficult. Keeping a diary of all her thoughts and experiences means sharing her most intimate secrets, but she has no option but to comply or risk losing the most exciting, passionate relationship she’s ever known.