Alpha And Omega ( Alpha & Omega #.50) by Patricia Briggs


October 20, 2008
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When I picked up Alpha and Omega again, I was surprised because honestly, I thought I had gotten my fill of this book but apparently not. My original review for the most part still stands however my rating does not. For me to keep coming back to this story and reading it through without skipping a page or noticing what ever edits I noticed in the past speaks volumes to the greatness of the story and it truly does deserve 5 stars and a reposting of the review to a more current date. I strongly recommend Alpha and Omega and although it is a sweet romance and basically a clean read (i.e. no graphic sex) there is still some abuse, violence and action and discussions of rape.

Original Review
Posted on August 2, 2016

Anna is an Omega wolf but has no clue what that is or what means thanks to her douche bag Alpha and his equally douchey cronies. It is because of them that she lives in fear and near starvation. When she finally gets up the nerve to call The Marrok, the Alpha of Alpha’s, he sends her to meet his son, Charles, at the airport. When Charles tells her that she is his mate she will do whatever she can to protect him but as for those things that mates do, she tells him she doesn’t like sex.

Alpha And Omega isn’t a very long read but it does cover a fairly large amount of ground when it comes to Anna and Charles making one eager to read the next story in the series that is a spin-off of the Mercy Thompson series (which I have plans to dive into as some point). I think my favorite part is when Anna and Charles are in the restaurant and he is telling her she is his mate and her response is ‘I don’t like sex’ but then who could blame her.

Alpha And Omega is one of those stories that just gets better with every reading and I think I have read it almost twice a year since I purchased it. Although this year’s reading was just as riveting as always the deaths in this story were rather painful this time so thankfully those are near the end of the story. The fact that this is one of my favorites and I have read it several times had me excited to give Alpha And Omega the five-star rating I was planning to give so imagine my disappointment after counting the edits that I found forcing me to give the story a 4-star rating. All the same thank you Patricia Briggs for creating an amazing world of shape shifters and other paranormal creatures.

“If Leo survives tonight, I shall be very surprised. If I survive you, I’ll be equally surprised.” -Charles

Book’s Blurb
Anna, four years a werewolf, raped, beaten, half-starved and handed from one male to another, places a call from Chicago to the wilds of Montana. She reaches the Marrok, North America’s werewolf ruler, telling him she’s seen a boy, one reported missing and possibly injured. He was in a cage her pack’s Alpha keeps for confining new werewolves.

The Marrok says that his enforcer is flying from Montana to O’Hare. Anna meets the plane, and, Charles, enforcer, as well as the Marrok’s oldest son, insists on staying with her. He has seen she is not the Submissive she thinks she is. Charles is a supreme Alpha, and she is his antithesis, a rare Omega; her very presence lowers tension, calms and soothes. Despite centuries as a Solitary, Charles would wed young Anna. His brother wolf, he says, has already taken her as his mate.

There are, as investigation and confrontation reveal, reasons both for the capture of the boy and for what has been done to Anna. It’s a surprisingly tender story.

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