My Second Chance Mate by Anna Gonzales


June 21, 2020
Typewriter Pub
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I originally found My Second Chance Mate on Wattpad and I am glad that author decided to sell her story as an e-book instead on one of those scam apps.

Harmony gets rejected by one mate and moves to a new pack and discovers a second chance only for him to reject her to. When Trevor figures out that he is a royal idiot for not accepting Harmony he tries to fix his mistake. To bad he can’t keep his foot out of his mouth.

I really liked Harmony and her methods of dealing with Trevor, her new pack and her cousin’s friends. Yes, I do like Trevor too, even though he has foot in mouth disease. I mostly liked the story line for the entertainment factor (it was funny most of the time), I do wish the characters were a bit older, but then, it is not my story to write. I really did not like the number of edits that I found as I read the story, and I hope the author goes back to edit then lets me know so I can change my rating. The other thing I was not a fan of was the price, I felt that it was a bit high, especially for the target audience (young adult) who generally don’t have a lot of money.

My biggest concern with this story and others like it, is the message it is sending to young adults, which is the chosen audience for this book. I know, I am wrestling with my own hypocrisy and consciences as I was a teen mom at 15. As I said before, it is not my story to write and the reality is the teenagers are having sex so the author is just keeping it real in a paranormal kind of way. I do think that one of those disclaimers that mention the sexual content, teen pregnancy or other controversial issues should have been added to the blurb as warning to parents whose under 18 child might be interested in reading it.

Book Cover
I think the best part of this cover is the wolf.

I think the blurb is a good selling point but I was surprised that it did not come with the usual warnings about touchy subjects like sexual content or teen pregnancy.

Book’s Blurb
Meeting your mate is supposed to be an amazing experience. Getting rejected by him, however, is a different story. And it’s Harmony’s story. Her mate chose her sister over their bond and she’s forced to hide the painful experience to avoid hurting someone she loves.

When she can’t bear seeing them together any longer, she decided to move away and join her aunt’s pack in Hawaii. It was her first day in a new school when she locked eyes with Trevor and her heart starts beating for this gorgeous man. Mate. How is this even possible?

Fate plays with her again when he rejects her too. How is she going to face all the problems life had thrown at her? Will Harmony be done with mates or is she finally getting the love of her life with her second chance?

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