The Mate: Chosen by the Alpha by Anya Nowlan


December 3, 2014
Author’s Page

The Mate: Chosen by the Alpha is a reasonably short read that will probably take you less than a day to read baring any distractions.

The story itself revolves around the mating of Bridget and Varo, so if you just want the sex and not a full story this book is for you. The beginning starts out like just about any story then it changes and the only climactic events that occur in the book involve some seriously hot monkey sex or should I say wolf sex. I think the steam started pouring out of my e-reader before I had the book fully opened. I do wish that this story had more to it because the end was pretty anti-climactic and disappointing. All in all, not a bad book if all you want is porn you can watch in head, where you can create your own visuals, instead on tv where the characters already have faces. And after watching this documentary on porn movies on Netflix I am convinced written porn is way better than watching them fake it on the tv screen.

Book’s Blurb
A dark night and a full moon…just the right time for an Alpha to chase and claim his mate.

Bridget, a feisty bartender, has locked up for the night and started heading home down a wicked path that leads through the woods. Distant wolf howls slink closer bit by bit, until she can almost feel their breath on her neck. It seems the further she goes, the closer they get.

Until they’re right there next to her. A desperate escape takes her to a forest meadow, where the pack surrounds her. To her surprise, they desire something rather surprising from her – the Alpha has chosen her to be his mate. It is a small bit of solace that the Alpha is the man she has long had her eye on – the dark and dangerous Varo.

Will Bridget find her happiness in the strong arms of the shifter Alpha?

Smutty Shifter Shorts: quick on-the-go bite of delicious shifter erotica!

Please be aware that this is an erotic short story and it includes rough sexual acts.

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