Rejected Mate’s Second Chance (Banished Bears #1) by J. S. Striker


October 14, 2021
Paranormal Romance
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Rejected Mate’s Second Chance starts out fast but slows down to slow burn after the first few chapters because of the anger that Allie is feeling from Red’s abandonment and betrayal. Red should have been asking himself how she new about his betrayal and asking his pack but he didn’t even bother until Oscar mentioned something. Then there was his skewed perspective when it came to his sense of duty, because his duty was to the bond he created with Allie once HE started it. I like the fact that Alli made him work hard to earn back what he threw away.

With no really stand out editing issues Rejected Mate’s Second Chance was a smooth read, mostly, it did get a little boring at times but thankfully that didn’t last through the whole story line. I think the sub plots and twists helped change the blah blah blah portions of the story exponentially.

I had to think for a few days before deciding on a star rating that I felt matched my thoughts on the book, I kept flipping back and forth between 3 stars because of the boring parts and 4 stars for the pretty smooth story line. I have decided to base this decision on my potential for reading the rest of the series and whether or not I will read Rejected Mate’s Second Chance again. Since there is a potential for both I am going to go with 4 stars.

Book Cover
The cover fits Rejected Mate’s Second Chance.

Blurb Rating
The blurb is almost a cliff notes version of the whole story. There is one question though, what pack did he stumble across? Not to give anything away but he stumbled across a lone bear with three cubs.

Book’s Blurb
Choosing between love and duty …
And I chose duty.
How could I do anything else? My clan has been at war for years, my brother—the Alpha—is now dead, and it’s my fault.
I chose to save the human I mated, without the clan’s permission, leaving my brother to fend for himself. And now I must put my clan before the woman I can’t imagine life without.
Until …
The day I stumble across a pack. And three adorable cubs. Their mother?
My rejected mate.
I can’t leave them to fend for themselves in a harsh world. But how can I get my clan to accept her as my mate when they’ve already rejected her once?
Rejected Mate’s Second Chance is a second chance/secret baby shifter romance featuring a passionate, duty-bound Alpha, a heroine who refuses to give up, and a passionate love that defies the odds. Heat, heart, and an HEA guaranteed!

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