Once Rejected, Twice Desired (Blue Moon #1) by Ambernique Leggett or Richman Brothers


February 19, 2021
Richman Brothers
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I first saw Once Rejected, Twice Desired on Facebook attached to one of those rip off scamming reading apps, I would rather spend my money on e-books and traditional books, they are a better value. So, I was really excited to find this book on Amazon, but not so much now.

Once Rejected, Twice Desired starts of strong by dragging you in to the story even with the large number of edits that need to occur. The author (whoever that really is) did a good job of creating hooks to keep me as a reader engaged in the storyline even during the very boring parts. I liked the characters, they were all very entertaining, especially Mat and his curse. I saw one review complaining about Xander letting Alaia mate with Alexi but the things is, this is a story that is not meant to be very realistic so it does make sense and some drama to the storyline, so that didn’t bother me and gives me something good to say before getting into what bugged or irritated me.

The edits were definite speed bumps to the flow of the story but thankfully didn’t take away from the storyline to much, I still think it would be good for the author (whoever that is) to go back and edit some more. While they are editing it would also probably be a good idea to take away that point of view phrasing at the beginning of each chapter required by those crappy apps, after all, they did turn Once Rejected, Twice Desired into an actual Amazon E-book.

I was considering a 4-star rating until I started prepping for the writing of this review but have since changed my mind and giving4154GdiiwOL it 2-stars. The book cover change and name change of the author that took place since I purchase Once Rejected, Twice Desired last February has not only creates some confusion when people go to find a book after reading a review but it also annoys me when I am trying to make sure my readers have the information they need if they chose to read the book, I am telling them about.

What can you possibly say about sex with two guys in a movie theater? Not my thing but it was fun to read about and mentioning it will have my adult children shaking their heads while discussing their mothers reading preference and drinking something with alcohol in it, lamo.

Book Cover
I have developed a lot of pet peeves since I started writing reviews, one of them being cover changes right after I purchase a book, but this one takes the cake. Not only did the cover change but so did the name of the author. Come on people, work this shit out BEFORE people purchase your book, it is not rocket science, ugh. I am sharing both covers and adding both authors names so you all can find the book if you chose to invest your money and time into it, I also added the link to the book as per usual.

Book’s Blurb
When Alaia turns 18, she knows that she will eventually find her mate. What she doesn’t know is what will happen when she finally does. The betrayal of rejection knocks her down, but she’s not meant to be down for long. She is meant for greatness. Follow along as she overcomes to get everything she has ever wanted, but was too afraid to ask. She was Once Rejected, but now ice Desired.

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