Jessa & Kane (Welcome to Wolves Valley #1) by Cam Gallagher

January 20, 2016
Siren Publishing
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Word Count

Left homeless by a selfish, uncaring mother, Jessa catches a bus to as far as it will take her, where she is found walking on the side of the road by an elderly couple who take her home with them. Now she is working in a book store with a nice boss and a roof over her head. When she runs into Kane the attraction is instant but she knows she isn’t even in the same ball park as him. He tells her he wants her and he is going to keep her, she has a hard time believing him.

Jessa & Kane has a great start in the first few chapters but ultimately become blah. There was potential when the antagonistic, bimbo, Sherry came into the picture but the author didn’t run with it until the end and I am rather surprised that I actually made it to the end. When considering a rating for Jessa and Kane I had a difficult time because this book is in need of editing and there are enough edits that giving the book the three-star rating is not even close to possible. Jessa & Kane deserves the heat rating I am giving based on my own rating requirements, however I felt that there was too much filler content that would have been best used elsewhere and not in the bedroom scene.

I was able to find a couple of quotes that are worth sharing but before I do I want to state for the record that I like Shih-Tzu’s and would like one myself as soon as we get the back yard fenced in but I just could help but find these quotes humorous.

“I believe she called that thing a Shih Tzu. It honestly looks like a mixture between a hairy rabbit and a mutated rat.”—Charlie

“Any of you boys know someone who has a bulldog handy? I really wish she would breed that thing with a bulldog. That way, whenever I see the puppy from that party, I’ll have a reason to scream, ‘Bullshit’ at her!”—May

Book Cover
The model does not fit the description of Jessa’s body type.

Book’s Blurb
On the day of Jessa Collins’ s 18th birthday, she comes home to find all of her belongings on the side of the road. Kicked out by her mother just as she legally becomes an adult, Jessa moves to a small town in Kentucky known as Wolves Valley. As Jessa begins to adjust to small town life and working alongside the people of the quaint community, she meets Kane Everson after he knocks her over at work.

Alpha Kane Everson never expected to meet his mate in the local bookshop that is run by a pack member. And he sure as hell never expected to accidently injure her during the first five minutes in her company. Can Kane convince his mate that they belong together despite everything stacked against them? And how will it all come together when she finally learns that the people she is getting to know in the town of Wolves Valley have a furry little secret?

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