A Wolf’s Promise (Black Hills Wolves #10) by Cara Carnes


March 13, 2015
Decadent Publishing
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I was given A Wolf’s Promise for an honest review by Manic Readers

Drayce was doing a job his Alpha requested when he visited the Jago Pack when he met a woman that he spent an earth-shattering night with. The next morning, he was gone, he had no room in his life now for a mate no matter how much he wanted it. How was he to know that his nameless mate would know about mating and feel the same connection he had felt then follow him to see if it was real?

He is too busy trying to keep his promise to his pack mate and will sacrifice his own mate to do just that, if he has too. So, Kinsey’s appearance just makes doing the right thing harder but then she surprises him at every turn and he has no choice but finally accepts that he can have his mate and keep his promise.

Kinsey is a quirky human who probably knows more about shifters than she should be allowed to know, granted most of her knowledge is about the Jaguars her family has protected for generations but that doesn’t mean she is going to give up on her one chance at true happiness. You go Kinsey!!

I have been seeing this series on the net for weeks and had been meaning to check it out for some time and when I notice A Wolf’s Promise was part of the Black Hills Wolves series I jumped at the chance to finally read one of the books and meet my reading quota for Manic readers at the same time. Now this is book ten and I really prefer to read a series in order so that I have a basic understanding of all the back stories that generally come into play during a series and that didn’t seem to be an issue here as A Wolf’s Promise didn’t delve to deeply into the other characters but only focused on Drayce, who lives on pack land but outside of the pack, Kinsey, whose family has spent generations protecting a Jaguar pack and of course Drayce’s two charges and the reason he can’t promise his mate a future because to protect his charges he may have to mate another. Good thing Drayce has a level headed, super smart mate to see through the maze of issues so they can be together. Being that there was that much focus on the couple in question I think there could have been some steamier bedroom scenes with a lot more detail. Other than that, A Wolf’s Promise is very creatively well written with practically no editing issues, and deserves the five-star rating it is receiving from me and I will surely be reading it again.

Favorite Quote
So, for the record there were other quotes I could have used but this one had me laughing loud enough for my husband to ask me about what I was reading and so deserved the honorable mention it is receiving.

“Excuse me? I think you’ve been dipping too far into the catnip, bucko.”—Kinsey

Thank you, Cara Carnes, for the awesome read and I look forward to reading more of your books 🙂

Book’s Blurb
A woman does what’s necessary to get her man…

When Drayce Freeman rocked Kinsey Jamison’s world one passionate night and then turned tail and ran the morning after, she did the only thing a self-respecting woman would. Chase him down and prove they had the zing. Fortunately her BFF, a jaguar shifter, gave her the 411 on wolves—or most of it, that is. She’s ready to do whatever it takes to get her man—even if it means taking on the whole pack.

The last thing Drayce needs right now is the sexy human his inner wolf wants to claim showing up in Los Lobos. The headstrong, goofy female refuses to take no for an answer. Living on the fringes of a rebuilding pack is hard enough, but now he has the widow of his pack mate and a rugrat to deal with. Adding a human to the mix would be a mistake. Duty sucks.

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