Xander’s Mate by Cassie Laurent

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Mia’s plans with her boyfriend backfire when he decides to spend the night out parting with another woman rather than with her. She leaves him and hits the road for home where she runs out of gas. Lucky or unlucky for her two hot guys on motor cycles show up to rescue her and take her to Xander who had his men tracking her down. Now she is his mate although for how long remains to be seen as there is a war going on and they could die tomorrow and having traitors in their ranks doesn’t help.

I think Xander’s Mate has a good beginning but as I delved further into the story I felt the book needed a new editor really bad. The was a very definite story line with a vague back story and sub-plot that the author didn’t successfully mesh into a cohesive story. There wasn’t really much to the book because Xander was mostly absent and Mia was alone. I think the only interesting event in the book besides the bed room scenes, that weren’t all that exciting, was when Mia thought she thought she found Xander’s above ground bedroom and it turned out to be the traitor’s bedroom. I was considering a three-star but leaning more towards a two-star review but with the edits one star is all I can give this story, that I probably will never read again.

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I wouldn’t exactly call the break up harrowing because that implies being in danger from the boyfriend when she most certainly was not.

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After a harrowing breakup with her cheating boyfriend, curvy Mia finds herself driving home in the rain, on the dark and twisting back roads of New England. Hungry and praying that her car doesn’t run out of gas, she stops at an out-of-the-way diner hoping to a get a bit of food and then find the closest gas station.

After she eats and gets back out on the road, Mia realizes she never found a gas station and suddenly she’s running on empty. When her car breaks down in the rain, two bikers come across her crying at the side of the road—but she recognizes the men: they had been staring her down at the diner. She’s scared, but stranded in the middle of nowhere, and powerless when they make her get on the back of one of their bikes and take her wherever they desire.

She soon finds herself at a military encampment in the middle of the New Hampshire forest, but this is no ordinary encampment—it’s populated by werewolves on the eve of a massive territorial war. When she’s brought before Xander, the pack’s leader, he declares her his mate and presents her to his soldiers as their queen. Xander is powerful, sexy, and a brilliant, courageous leader. There’s no question that he makes Mia wet with desire, but after an act of war throws the camp into turmoil, she begins to realize that her fate is tied to Xander’s—will she survive the trials that follow?

Curves for the Werewolf by Cassie Laurent


June 10th 2013
Cassie Laurent

Maggie is having a really bad night, poor thing, dealing with a long roller coaster ride of emotions that even had my heart pounding waiting for the next curve or loop-d-loop. I really hope that the author plans to write more about Maggie and Silas because the end of this book felt more like a cliff hanger then the end of the story.

I love intense books/e-books that I just can’t put down until I get to the end, and this is one of those books.

Book’s Blurb
Maggie is soaking wet, walking home through the rain after a night out with her friends. She decides to take a shortcut through Central Park, but is stopped by three men who start to harass her. A mysterious creature attacks the men, allowing her to run free, escaping into the subway.

Now there’s a strange handsome man on the train watching her every move, but why would he be interested in a curvy girl like her? He follows her off at her stop and kidnaps her, taking her into his lair where he shares a terrifying secret: he’s a werewolf and has picked her to be his mate. Her body is teeming with desire, but can she give her heart to this mysterious man, this mystical beast? Does she really have a choice?
Warning: This 4,000+ word story contains scenes of graphic language, a curvaceous bbw girl, rough sex, and explicit descriptions of sexual activity between a plus size girl and a sexy werewolf alpha. Intended Only for Mature Audiences 18+.