Full Moon (Taken By The Pack #1) by Cat Scofield

August 7, 2012
Word Count

What are odds of finding two boring books in one day? And this one is less than twenty pages long and one of my favorite genres, go figure.

I am sorry to say I was yawning after the second page. And worse it was told from the “I” perspective which are very rarely on my need to reread list of all time favorite books. I hope my next choice isn’t a dud I am getting further behind on my reading challenge.

Book’s Blurb
Lisa Bright, a young and curious Los Angeles music journalist, has no idea what she’s in for when she tries to sneak into the exclusive underground Club Other. There are creatures inside beyond belief, men with claws and fur and toothy smiles…

But after an almost deadly encounter with the terrifying Old Pete, Lisa’s only hope lies with Toby, a gorgeous werewolf with a southern drawl. She’s about to fall into a dangerous world of blood and romance with no way out…

Full Moon is a 6500 word short story, and the first in a new paranormal romance/erotica series. Full Moon is 18+ only.

This story was also included in TAKEN BY THE PACK: COLLECTION #1, along with Star Kissed and Midnight Eyes.

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