Lycan’s Secret by Chandler Dee


Published July 11, 2012
Pages 15

I love short books they make it easy to catch up when you behind on your reading time line:)

What is the secret? the title doesn’t fit the book with that said I did enjoy this book at least what there was of it, where the blasted blazes is the rest of it? I just don’t feel like I got a complete story maybe half a chapter but hopefully there is more and the author is just working on it (I hope). I really want to read more about Alexandru and Cami.

Book Cover Rating    ☆☆☆

Book’s Blurb
Cami, a displaced lycan from Eastern Mountains pack, doesn’t fit in with her new community. Having just been dismissed from service by Beryx, the Alpha’s second, she’s feeling lonely and resentful. The Alpha’s son, Alexandru, provides the perfect distraction on which to vent her anger … or so she thinks before he turns the tables on her in a surprise seduction. Will Cami say yes?

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