Design for Dominance (Club Libertine #10) by Diane Leyne

July 21, 2014
Siren Publishing
Word Count

I was given Design for Dominance for and honest review by Manic Readers

Alexi is an Architect and during his down time he trains new Dom’s at Club Libertine with his favorite Sub Angel. To him it is just a partnership with benefits, until the night he leaves her with an untrained Dom alone to deal with an emergency.

Maks is too busy growing his and Alexi’s company to date or play much. When a business meeting at the club brings him into contact with Eve everything changes.

Eve/Angel has secretly loved Alexi but he isn’t her Dom they are team training new Dom’s. She will not tell him how she feels because she is will to take what he is willing to give. Her life however is about to change after a new Dom decides to disobey the Dom training him.

I am only giving this book one star, because even though the story line was interesting the lack of drama, consistency and editing was not. How can Maks have luggage if he lost it at the airport? And how can Alexi push Eve down on the bed when he had just done that? There were sentence that made absolutely no sense, misspelled words, missing words and a few spots where there was a “she” instead of “he”. It was like the author was just decided to write the story then publish it without the care of going back to read her own work or have someone else read it for errors.

Book Cover Rating
I really liked the cover it was probably the best part of the whole book and deserves a positive review.

Book Blurb Rating
The books blurb was decent but again should have been checked for editing and accuracy. For example the jealous co-worker, ok, yeah she was jealous but how much trouble did she really cause? She was almost none existent as a trouble maker.

Book’s Blurb
Left alone with a green Dom by her training partner Alexi Andreivich, sub Evangeline “Eve” Brookdale is rescued from the overly enthusiastic beginner by Alexi’s older brother Maks. Maks is visiting the club to present his firm’s design ideas for a brand new Club Libertine.

Brought to the presentation while she recovers from the bad scene, she speaks her mind about the new building design in front of the owner of Club Libertine. Her honesty and insight results in a new job working for Maks and Alexi.

Their relationship grows quickly as they all experiment with their first menage relationship. Maks has spent a lifetime looking after his younger brother and would make any sacrifice for him. Can a jealous co-worker, who would like Maks for her own, convince him to walk away from the woman he loves by convincing him this is what his brother needs?

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