Forbidden (Death Dealers MC #1) by Alana Sapphire


May 26, 2015
Alana Sapphire
Author’s Page

I have so many books as it is so I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest any time in reading Forbidden even if it was free. But then I read the blurb and decided to check out the inside of the book and realized I really gotten in when I reached the end of the sample so I really had no choice but to download the book.

I really liked Raven, she was a strong young lady, who kept getting stronger with everything her sister through at her. There is Gage the bad boy with a limited moral compass, that was surprising, given what you read and hear in the news. Makes you wonder how much wishful thinking and research went into Alana Sapphire’s characters. I can’t and won’t complain either way because I really liked Raven, Gage and Dr. E. I am relieved that Gage wasn’t so much older then Raven that one would think she had father-figure issues, that would have ruined the story.

The steam factor in Forbidden is there but not because of the actual act of sex. In fact, the participant in question aren’t even in the same building and yet they managed to create some seriously major steam.

I really enjoyed Forbidden because it was a well written and well thought out story that I was able to read through with out any speed bumps like edits. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Raven and Gage. All that being said, I was reluctant to write this review when I got to the end of the book and saw a message say please leave a “spoiler-free” review. I honestly thought that was the worst part of the whole book.

I chose this quote because I really like how Raven was quick to step up and stand her ground against a pushy Gage.

“First of all, there’s nothing wrong with the way I’m dressed. Secondly, I may not like that Lonnie chooses to spread her legs for you and your stupid club, but she’s my sister. Third, I don’t even know Super Head or whatever you want to call her. She’s Lonnie’s friend.”—Raven

Book Cover Rating
I have looked at this cover several times trying to decide if I like it or don’t like it. I have finally come to the conclusion that I neither like or dislike the cover. But it does leave the question of does it fit the book? Either way, it was a good thing I almost always read the blurbs or I may have passed Forbidden up and that would been a crying shame.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb definitely sold me on Forbidden.

Book’s Blurb
I should stay away from Gage “Reaper” Hunter. The Death Dealers MC president is everything I don’t want. That’s what I have to tell myself when he’s close. The more I try to distance myself from him, the stronger my attraction grows. He wants to protect me, but who’s going to protect me from him?

Will I be able to resist The Reaper when he comes calling?

I want Raven Alvarez in my bed. She’s smart, sexy, and sassy, infuriating and arousing me in equal measure. However, I can’t have her yet. The more time I spend with her, the more I want her… the more I want… more. I’m all wrong for her, but nothing has ever felt so right.

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, and I’m dying for a taste.

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