Stephanie’s Homecoming (Men of Kinsey #4) by Debbie Bailey


October 25, 2012
Siren Publishing
Erotic Romance
Word Count

The first quarter of Stephanie’s Homecoming is about her taking control of the town newspaper. There is heated reconnect with her man, Kane and an introduction to Turk and verbal cat fight with the resident psycho slut thrown for a little spice. From there the focus changes more to the vary fast developing relationship between Stephanie and her men, Kane and Turk.

I enjoyed reading Stephanie’s Homecoming because of how well rounded the story was. You weren’t left in the dark about what the psycho slut was thinking or plotting thanks to the Debbie Bailey including those scenes into the story line. I really liked how outspoken Stephanie is and how she isn’t afraid to put her self out there and owns her fuck ups. I also liked how she interacted with her men.

The only thing I didn’t like were the 8 edits (mostly missing quote marks) the were missed in the editing processes. I also wasn’t crazy about Turk’s brother, Brian, who should have probably called his brother immediately following the psycho sluts contacting him rather than believing her blindly.

I am really glad I found Stephanie’s Homecoming and I am looking forward to finding the books in the series.

The quotes I picked actually were a conversation between Stephanie and Turk, that made me laugh when I read it, so I guess I am sharing more of a teaser than a quote. I really hope Debbie Bailey isn’t offend with me sharing so much of one part of the story but it really was my favorite funny part.

“Dammit, Turk, I’d bet you’d be able to get it up even on your deathbed.”

“Well sure I would, honey, they gotta have a handle to carry my body out with, don’t they?” he asked with a little-boy grin on his face.

Book Cover 
The cover for Stephanie’s Homecoming looks rather generic like it could fit any random book. There is nothing about this unimaginative cover that screams ‘this is all about Stephanie’s Homecoming’.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb is pretty well written, it gives just enough way to hook some one into reading the story.

Book’s Blurb
Stephanie Morrison hasn’t been back to Kinsey in ten years. It was ten years ago that she made an ass of herself with Kane Bryson. Ten years of pain and humiliation, but despite everything, she is finally home.

Kane Bryson was heartbroken when Stephanie left without giving him a chance to explain. He never stopped loving her, and now that she is back, he and his business partner Turk Delray are going to make sure she never gets away again.

Kane and Turk have shared women before, but Stephanie is different. After all of Kane’s stories about the mysterious Stephanie Morrison, Turk is starting to believe his friend has lost his marbles. Until she walks into the diner, and one look from her is all it takes to claim his heart.

But with a person from their past trying to keep them apart, will Stephanie trust her men or run like she did before?

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