Dating Doctor Wolf (Doctor Wolf #1) by Jasmine White


January 17th 2014

Just finished this one about forty minutes ago and really had to think about what to say because I am not crazy about writing negative reviews and although this won’t necessarily be negative it won’t be positive either. Kind of like this book.

I really like the story line and I had to feel for Hannah having the day from hell, I could feel that at the start of the book. But when she goes to the bar and meats Adam it starts to slide into blah, blah blah. Cas coming to save the day was anticlimactic but very sweet. In fact, the whole relationship between Cas and Hannah sweet from start to finish but there is just no WOW factor not even in the bedroom scenes.

We get to know the characters a bit in this book but not a whole lot and maybe that would help. Not to say I didn’t connect with them I did on some level, but they don’t fly out of the pages at you saying this is me, they word just words on a page, they are just sweet.

Ms. Jasmine might also consider re-editing this book as I found sever spots that needed editing, for example:

“There were a ton of other hot young women in the bar and yet he kept only been talking to her and buying her shots.”


“She let out a little gasp as she tried to pull away, but Adam’s held her tightly against the wall.”

Other than those the book wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great either. The story line was good but it was missing passion maybe I will find it in the sequels.

Book’s Blurb
Hannah is a deliciously curvy bbw who is not loving life at the moment. She has been single for ages, hates her job and feels insecure about some recent weight gain due to comfort eating. A vicious circle…

All that is about to change when the handsome Cas enters her life. A sexy doctor who moonlights as a werewolf who simply can not get enough of her curves. Is this what she needs to make her life good again? Or is there danger lurking around the corner?