Married to the Trillionaires by Ella Mansfield

Published July 5, 2013
Pages 95

Since I skipped through a good portion of this book and I think with valid reason I can’t honestly say I read 100% of this book so there for I won’t claim that I have and I can honestly say I am glad it was a freebee. Seriously, what was this author thinking?

Ok, so four men want sex and a wife, ok, then go out a WOO one don’t buy her like some piece of meat. Oh, and it gets better they can recoup their money if they sell their daughters. If I had been April and found that out, they would have been castrated by the next morning. And let’s not forget the father who put her on the auction block just so he can support his future wife in the lap of luxury, really? How is any of that OK?

Today we have woman being kidnapped and/or sold into slavery and prostitution and then someone goes and writes a futuristic book where auctioning off women is okay, wow the author brought a whole new meaning to the words “Sugar Coating” with this sick ass bull shit story.

This book is one I will gladly give back to Amazon.

There was enough sex to make Married to the Trillionaires more of a porno then a story. I am giving it one flame because it did nothing for me even with all that sex happening.

Book Cover Rating
The cover is okay but then it is probably the only good thing about this book.

Book’s Blurb
One hundred years after the decision to outlaw childbirth and move to a more humane form of procreation, the earth has very few females left. Most of those are unable to become pregnant, due to a faulty system. Trillionaires Bill, John, David and Steve band together and bid on an auction for one of the few “breeding females” left. They plan it out as coldly as they would any other kind of business deal, knowing that down the road, they will eventually sell off any daughters born of the union.

April, a young woman sheltered from the outside world, is told by her father that he needs money and will be selling her at an auction to the highest bidder. He does his best to protect her in the auction, but she has no choice in the matter. April goes into the situation with a positive attitude, not expecting to fall for the men so quickly. When she finds out her plans for the future of her children, she must decide if her love of the men is stronger than the love of any children she may bear.

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