Ravaged By The Pack by Ellen Waite


April 18, 2014
Velvet Rose Press

I finished this book last night but only because I had to push myself to. I seemed like that I had to force myself to read this book it. I mean it started off really well but seemed to go downhill after the job interview. I would just get bored with it and move onto something else. The end though action packed felt anti-climatic and the one and only sex scene though hot seemed off.

My favorite part of the whole book was when Jenna was in the job interview and she was thinking about her boss it was pretty funny:

“Damn, girl. Get it together! This is a job interview. Don’t go checking out your new boss’s boner!”—Jenna

I hope the next one is better.

Book’s Blurb
More than one hundred years ago, the Blackston pack of Twinbrook, Pennsylvania split into two distinct factions after a struggle for dominance between two alphas. The Hillrunners remained in the forest, roaming the hillside. The Blackston wolves took to living with human beings, assimilating and attempting to live “ordinary” lives. Now, the bitter rivals are meeting once more, seeking out the one thing that may serve to re-unite them.

College drop-out Jenna is looking for a new life. With a load of debt and nothing to lose, she leaves school and looks for work in Twinbrook. Unexpectedly, she finds herself attracting interest from a successful, local businessman by the name of Todd Blackston. Why has Todd taken such a keen interest in her, and what secrets is he hiding?
Jenna soon realizes she’s standing in between two opposing sides, and each is scrambling to claim her. There’s something special about Jenna– something that both packs seek. And they’ll stop at nothing to claim her… as a mate.