Nightingale Way (Eternity Springs #5) by Emily March


August 28, 2012
Ballantine Books
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Cat lost her baby and her husband five years ago. Now her husband is back and determined to protect her from the danger her blog article put her in. Granted her mother was behind her favorite spy kid knapping her and taking to a home she never even knew he had even when they were married. In there lies the demise of their marriage, he was always at her head spy mom’s beck and call but never there for her even when she needed him most much to her mother’s delight.

Jack wants Cat back in his life but he just keeps screwing it up and when she leaves his protection and his home he ends up in an accident that end with her having to care for him and giving him a chance to woo her and her a chance to help him with his depression. When her parents show up and her mom send him on a new mission and a promotion when he returns, Cat decides enough is enough and she leaves so he can do the job he loved more than he loved her. When he realizes what she has done he realizes that he loves her more than the job and he can be a hero and her man but how will he convince her.

I have to tell you that chapter 13 is the best chapter in the whole book and it would be well worth your time and money just to buy the book for that one chapter. Other than that the book is just ok and it wasn’t even on my reading list, I was just looking for books to add to my TBR list but given where I am in my life this book really spoke to me. To be honest I was not going to finish this book and put it in my ‘could not get into’ page, but then I suddenly connected with Cat when she went to visit her daughter’s grave and I get why since I visit my daughter’s memorial every chance I get (this part is hard and makes little sense and I am sorry). The author did an amazing job of portraying Cat’s pain and its intensity and I want to thank her for that and for that reason I an giving this book a 3 star rating because even though it was well written and I could connect with the main character and I thought chapter 13 rocked I still felt it was just an ok book and not one I would ever read again.

Book’s Blurb
Eternity Springs is a magical place where hearts come to heal—with a little help. As Emily March’s beloved series continues, a broken marriage finds new wings to fly.

Dark, brooding Jack Davenport hides his secrets well, never telling his wife about the dangers of his job, never sharing his thoughts or worries . . . never sharing himself. After tragedy strikes, their marriage shatters. Now a threat to Catherine Blackburn’s life brings her back into his—and gives them a second chance.

A reporter whose most recent investigation has ignited a national controversy and put her in harm’s way, Cat thinks she can handle herself. So when Jack grabs her off the street and sweeps her to his home above Eternity Springs, she’s furious.

In the warm sanctuary of the Eternity Springs community, Jack and Cat face the heartache that drove them apart. But can they find the courage to pick up the pieces of a shattered love?

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