Checkmate (Graham Pack Mates #2) by Annmarie McKenna


February 2007
Samhain Publishing

Nikki is nearly killed not once but twice and she has the scars to prove and the man of her dreams is home and she can’t face him ever again…

I am of a mind that Nikki may be one the strongest women characters I have come a crossed, after everything she has been through of course she took a knee but when she stood back up she was ready to reclaim her life. Thankfully she had her Eli there to help her regain her self. The evil villain was so well written that you could feel the evil coming of the pages when the story focused on him and you will be looking forward to seeing him get his when he finally gets caught.

If you are in the mood for the terror ride from hell, then the beginning of Checkmate will deliver and keep you hooked. Don’t get me wrong the book does come with a few rather dull, long winded moments but they are short lived and move onto the next action packed moment that leaves you gripping your e-reader and yelling “get that dirty son of bitch” or ‘that’s it punch the fucker again” your choice one or the other will fit. The bedroom scenes though not overly detailed or heated were well written and enjoyable.

“He’s perfect. For a shriveled-up, slimy, red-skinned…thing, I guess. Ten fingers, ten toes, one penis.”—Caelan describing his son

Book Cover Rating
Not boring but not really unique either.

Book’s Blurb
What’s an alpha shape-shifting wolf to do when the woman pre-destined to be his mate no longer trusts men?

After returning home from an eight-month security job, Eli Graham is ready to claim his best friend’s little sister as his mate. He’d put it off for years, thinking he was doing the right thing by waiting. Instead of the stubborn, independent, carefree girl he left behind, Eli finds a shell of the woman he once knew.

Having lived through a near fatal attack, Nikki Taylor has hidden herself away from the world. Now the time has come to face head-on the one man who could devastate her completely, Eli Graham. She’s loved him forever, craves him, body, heart and soul, but he’s never treated her as anything but a little sister.

When Nikki witnesses a murder, she has no choice but to rely on Eli’s expertise. While guarding her from the man bent on wiping out a witness, Eli shows Nikki that he’ll not only protect her body, but he’ll show her just what it means to be a wolf’s mate.