The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate (Gray’s Hollow Dragon Shifters #1) by Zoe Chant


May 6, 2015
Zoe Chant
Paranormal Romance
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Cara seems to have a pretty lonely life and even given the chance to never be alone again she isn’t willing to just jump right into anything with someone she has just met. And the only heart pounding events happened at the beginning and when she learned that dragons really existed. The sex scenes more like a little pet and tickle like someone was impatient to get to the main event. I always tell my husband that it’s all about the foreplay because if the foreplay is good the sex will be steaming of the page in a great book. The really sad thing is The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate could have gone in any direction and added some interesting dimensions to the story and characters but it went nowhere really and then it just ended.

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter’s Mate is not a bad book but it is not a great one either, but at least editing won’t be factored into my rating of this story.

Book Cover Rating
As I wrote this review, I kept looking at the cover because this a book that I chose and it was the cover that caught my eye. Now as I give it my full attention by changing the size to make it bigger and smaller I find it interesting because as I get older my eyes play tricks on me, some are cool and some are not so cool, this time it was interest because when the cover is smaller the background looks more animated and unreal making the cover feel contradictory because the model is clearly a real human Then I enlarge it and it really looks like the model had his picture taken in front the trees and that the dragon the clearly not real still looks darn close to real. This cover is probably my favorite part of this whole book.

Book’s Blurb
Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure, but she only found loneliness in new and different places. She thinks there’s no fairy tales left for a girl like her– until she gets stranded on a mountainside, and a gorgeous hero comes to her rescue.

Billionaire dragon shifter Gus Gray has all the treasure a dragon could desire, but even his hoard of glittering gold has lost its shine, with no mate to share it with. Can an ordinary princess and a lonely dragon find their happily ever after?

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