Figure of Speech (Halle Shifters #4) by Dana Marie Bell


March 3rd 2015
Samhain Publishing
Author’s Page

Chloe is still recovering from the attack that would have killed her if not for Julian’s ability to heal, but some damage just cannot be undone. But she is trying to adjust to her disability and move on without the mate that has rejected her time and again simply because he can’t get past the age difference.

When he shows up wanting to talk to her, she just walks a way; she is done listening to his reasons for rejecting her. She understood his rejection before he was attacked and changed into a wolf but now, he has no excuse and she can’t deal with another rejection.

James’ life has been a major none stop roller coaster with the world on his shoulders, but things are finally coming together and he is ready to finally go get his mate. But she isn’t going to make it easy on him when she finally agrees to give him the chance, he never gave her.

In Figure of Speech we get another hint to the underlining plot of the whole series and we find out that the plot goes as high up as the Shifter Senate and they are desperate enough to go outside their normal means of law enforcement to get the job done, which is the elimination of those with the potential to become white shifters or those that are white shifters and by the end it seemed that the plot thickened even more.

It seems like I have been waiting for forever for Figure of Speech to come out, and I got so excited that I just had to not only buy it but then move it to the front of the crazy reading list I have. I love the Halle Shifter Series, which is a spinoff of the Halle Puma series, so admittedly I stalk Dana’s web site every month for information on when the next book in the series is coming out and it appears, I will be doing the same for book five in the series. Which brings me to the question I have for Dana Marie Bell, when will book five be done? And book six? 😉

Favorite Quotes
There were several quotes that I liked in this book and my favorite chapter was chapter twelve and I had a favorite paragraph that would be great for a teaser but decided that sharing that with the quotes would be crossing the line a bit more than I should.

“I introduced Spence to Chloe and Emma at the same time. We stopped by Wallflowers and they bonded over tea and my assholeness.”—James

“It’s not an elephant, it’s Jabba the Hutt with the world’s ugliest erection.”—Ryan

“I knew it. Your theme is hippie goth gets axe murdered by banjo-wielding redneck aliens in tights.”—Chloe

Book Cover Rating
I am a bit disappointed in the cover because it really doesn’t say much about the book.

Book’s Blurb
When two hearts speak as one, no words are needed.

Halle Shifters, Book 4

Chloe Williams has waited four long years for her mate to acknowledge her. Time and again he has turned her away for being too young, even when she was hospitalized, recovering from a beating that left lingering aftereffects. Now that he’s been turned into a Wolf, his mating instincts are kicking in big time. Chloe has to decide if it’s worth risking her heart yet again.

Ten years older than Chloe and dealing with issues she knows nothing about, veterinarian James Woods is about ready to howl in frustration. He’s been drawn to Chloe since she was a radiant nineteen-year-old college student, but the age difference held him back from making a move on her. Now his Wolf wants what’s his, and Jim is finally in a place where he can claim her.

Between meddling mothers, Hunter brothers, and a mystery that threatens to end Chloe’s life, they might find an opportunity to tell each other just how they feel. Or find themselves separated by more than just misunderstood words.