Feature Author Friday: Holly Bargo

About Holly Bargo

Always fascinated by myths and fairy tales, Holly Bargo works as a freelance writer and editor

writing mostly business-related content. In February 2014, she took the plunge into digital self-publishing and has since published 14 books spanning romance and its sub-genres. She lives in southwest Ohio on a hobby farm with her husband, two sons, and menagerie of assorted four-legged critters.

List of Websites

Any upcoming release dates
Russian Dawn, the third in the Russian Love series, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2017.

Q & A

(Q) What inspired you to start writing?

(A) I’ve been writing stories since grade school; I don’t really remember any “starting” point.

(Q) What are you currently working on, if you can tell us about it?

(A) I am working on the third book in a mafia romance series (not serial), a couple of sequels to other books, and over a dozen other manuscripts.

(Q) Which book do you think of as your best work?

(A) Rowan. I don’t know that it’s my best, but it’s certainly my favorite.

(Q) Do you have a favorite book that you have written?

(A) Rowan.

(Q) Who is your favorite of the characters you created? Why?

(A) Rowan. Even though this is a paranormal romance, Rowan seems most real to me.

(Q) Who of the characters you created do you like the least? Why?

(A) Connor of The Dragon Wore a Kilt. He started off great, but then devolved into a real jerk. I had to work hard to redeem him and wasn’t sure I accomplished that.

(Q) Do you attend large book signing event with other authors? Where is the next event you are attending?

(A) I intend to be at the ConGlomeration in Louisville, KY, which will be held April 7-9.

(Q) Do you sponsor any book events that you want people and other authors to know about?

(A) No.

(Q) Who is your favorite author?

(A) It’s difficult to choose. Robin McKinley, Nora Roberts, Robert B. Parker, Dick Francis, C. L. Wilson, Ellen Kushner, Tad Williams, Christine Feehan, and so many more.

(Q) What is your favorite book?

(A) Beauty by Robin McKinley.

(Q) What is your favorite series?

(A) That’s another tough one. C. L. Wilson’s Fading Lands or Christine Feehan’s Dark series, the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker.

(Q) What would you like your readers to know about you that is not in your bio?

(A) I really want to write a Regency romance, but am terrified that I’ll completely muck it up because of a precarious understanding of the English peerage.